Nvidia's fix for GTX 1080 fan flaws is coming today

GTX 1080

If you've been having issues with the fan on your shiny new GeForce GTX 1080 Founder's Edition – a gremlin which may have somewhat taken the shine off your freshly purchased card – then you'll be pleased to hear a fix is expected to arrive later today.

The problem in question is the fan spinning up and down rapidly in a random fashion, which is obviously going to get quite irritating pretty quickly.

Over on the GeForce forums, a software QA rep for Nvidia, Manuel Guzman, has posted to say that a new graphics driver with a fix for the fan revving problem is going to be released later today. Said driver passed internal testing five days ago, and is now ready to roll.

All quiet on the 1080 front

It'll be out sometime during the day over in the US, which means for us here in the UK, the driver probably won't pop up until later on (quite probably this evening). Fingers crossed that it gets here as planned, and there are no unexpected delays.

Of course, as soon as it is available or shortly thereafter, you should get a notification from the GeForce experience utility. Doubtless that will be a pretty big relief to those who have been affected, which would seem to be a fair number of users judging from the message thread, with the issue hitting all the major graphics card vendors.

We didn't encounter any random fan revving in our review, and in fact we found that when functioning as it should, the GTX 1080 has a quiet cooler – and it runs nicely cool as well.

Via: PC Authority

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