Casio G-Shock and Toyota join forces to create an absolute tank of a watch

Casio G-Shock Mudmaster watch
(Image credit: Casio / Toyota)

Casio and Toyota have collaborated on a new, limited edition G-Shock digital shock-resistant watch that could be its toughest yet.

Casio G-Shock watches are typically built to withstand particularly harsh environments, and the brand new GWG2000TLC1A Mudmaster digital watch represents the rugged mission statement of both G-Shock and Toyota Land Cruiser brands.

One of the best smartwatches this is not, however. As a more traditional digital watch, you won't be able to track stats, listen to music or make calls with the Mudmaster. However, the watch is built to withstand environments that your smart screens should probably be steering well clear of in the first place.

The new Mudmaster digital watch is actually the fourth model made in collaboration with Toyota Land Cruiser and, like most G-Shock watches, it's built to withstand extremely harsh outdoor conditions, all while maintaining a surprisingly slim 16.1mm build. The watch launches sometime in February 2022, but it doesn't come cheap, listing for an eye-watering $850 at select retailers and on the official G-Shock website.

The limited-edition Mudmaster digital watch features a unique, mud-splattered design, appearing to resemble a Toyota Land Cruiser toughing it out in extreme, muddy conditions. The watch even features a unique case back, engraved with Toyota's Team Land Cruiser logo.

It's not just a rugged appearance that the watch is going for, though. As mentioned, the Mudmaster digital watch is built to withstand conditions other watches simply can't, and it does so with a sturdy carbon fiber build. A carbon core guard structure case and forged carbon bezels provide a uniquely tough design that sounds like it won't break easily, if at all.

No details of a water resistance rating were given in the immediate press release. However, the Mudmaster is part of the GWG-2000 line-up of digital watches, which bear a water resistance rating of 20 ATM - that's waterproof up to roughly 200 meters.

Fans of previous Mudmaster watches will also be pleased to know that the new limited-edition digital watch maintains the brand's dust and mud-proof build, making it a potentially great watch for everyday use, and not just for climbing a mountain.

In terms of features, the new Mudmaster digital watch sounds like it's pretty stacked. It's equipped with Casio's Tough Solar battery recharging tech, Multi-Band 6 atomic timekeeping, as well as sensors for barometric pressure, altitude, and temperature. Enhanced readability from large numeral hour values, extra-thick hands, and double LED illumination round out the watch, making this a device that should be readable no matter who's wearing it.

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