Volkswagen will bring Android Auto and Apple CarPlay to its new cars in 2015

Prepare for the auto invasion

The days of fumbling for CD cases and 3.5mm cables are almost over - Volkswagen has announced that a number of its 2015 models will feature dashboards compatible with both Android Auto and Apple CarPlay. The mobile tech is going to be integrated into VW's second generation infotainment system, MIB II.

MIB II will also feature MirrorLink, the open connection standard supported by the likes of Sony, LG, HTC and Samsung. We don't know exactly which cars will feature MIB II but the press release mentions the VW Golf, and says the tech is going to roll out to US and European markets this year.

The MIB II system - it stands for "modular infotainment platform", or at least it does in German - is a "significant step forward" in the words of the company. VW also took the opportunity of CES to trumpet advancements in autonomous driving technology and hybrid electric cars such as the e-Golf.

Are we there yet?

It makes sense for VW to support as many platforms as it can in its dashboards: even if you're a diehard iOS or Android fan, you probably have family or friends with other devices. "The two inventions of the century, the car and the computer, are gradually coming closer together. We need to design future mobility to be even more intelligent and even more networked," said Martin Winterkorn, Volkswagen's CEO.

Both Android Auto and Apple CarPlay hook up to your smartphone to provide easy access to calls, maps, music and other features you're most likely to need on the road. They're essentially extensions of whatever's happening on your handset, wrapped in a touch- and voice-friendly interface.

Of course, cars are upgraded far less often than smartphones, so motor manufacturers need to future-proof their vehicles for whatever lies ahead. If you don't fancy the idea of picking up a brand new car, then CES 2015 has also brought some aftermarket solutions along too.

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