EE Buzzard 2 brings 4G to your car

EE Buzzard 2
EE wants you to share 4G internet with passengers in your car

EE has just launched the EE Buzzard 2, its second in-car device that acts as a 4G wireless modem. Designed to allow in car entertainment devices, navigation tools and other gadgets to connect to superfast mobile internet whilst travelling.

The EE Buzzard 2 measures 59 x 49 x 88mm and plugs into the car's 12v connection to power the device. It's designed to be unobtrusive and safe while allowing passengers to use the internet without having to use a smartphone as a hotspot.

It's on sale for £79.99 from EE high street shops as well as the EE website, and if bought before January 31 customers will get 100MB of free data to use every month.

The Buzzard 2 will also be available on 4GEE pay monthly broadband contracts starting from £10, and is free with 3GB (£15 per month) plans.

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