EE's Kite 4G Mi-Fi dongle flying out from today

EE's 4G Wi-Fi dongle Kite flying out from today
4G is lifting us higher...

The UK's biggest 4G network EE has released its recently-announced mobile hotspot gadget, the iPhone 4 lookalike EE Kite.

The 4G LTE dongle, which will allow users to connect their laptops, tablets or any Wi-Fi enabled devices and receive next gen speeds is available free on a two year contract.

Prices start at £15 a month for 3GB of 4G data a month, but for the sake of splashing an extra fiver EE is offering users a whopping 15GB of data for £20.

If you wanna go down the pre-pay route then the well-designed dongle itself is £69.99.


The release is follows those of the in-car Buzzard device and the less-premium Osprey device, which became available soon after the trio was announced at the end of May this year.

Have you snapped up any of EE's MiFi devices yet? Share your experiences in the comments section below.

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