EE's new flock of portable Wi-Fi devices includes an in-car special

EE's new flock of portable Wi-Fi devices includes an in-car special
Doesn't look anything like a Buzzard

Not content with launching the Eagle tablet, EE has also announced a trio of new portable Wi-Fi devices.

The EE Buzzard has been specifically designed for the after-car sales market and we're told it's the first in what will become a range of in-car solutions from the network.

EE claims the Huawei-made Buzzard is the first device that allows you to bring 4G into the car, providing a Wi-Fi connection for passengers, including the irritable kids in the back and the front seat passenger who's frantically trying to locate you on a map.

The Buzzard consists of a traditional USB dongle which can be plugged directly into your cars USB port - if it has one.

If your rocking a less tech savvy motor the Buzzard also comes with a cigarette lighter adapter and both items are stored in a bright yellow tub which will fit snugly in a cup holder.

EE Buzzard

Creating a buzz around the Buzzard

You'll be able to pick the Buzzard up from May 28 for £49.99 on PAYG, £19 on a two year contract setting you back £10 per month, or it's free if you choose to pay more each month for more data.

Bird is the word

EE isn't done there though, with the introduction of the Kite and Osprey as well. On the surface they provide the same function - mobile Wi-Fi with superfast, double speed 4G.

The EE Kite is aimed at business professionals and sports a slightly more premium design and slender body making it easy to pocket.

EE Osprey and EE Kite

The EE Osprey (left) and the EE Kite (right)

Meanwhile the EE Osprey is aimed at the youth market with a more rugged build, a choice of colours and a lower price of £49.99 on PAYG, or £19 up front on a two year contact at £10 per month.

You'll be able to pick the Osprey up from May 28, but the EE Kite won't be available until July with a £69.99 PAYG price tag that equates to £29 up front on a two year, £10 per month tariff.

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