Nikon launches the D700

The new Nikon D700
The new Nikon D700

While there's been rumours surrounding the D700 for some time now, at a press event in London yesterday, with TechRadar present, Nikon finally confirmed it is to release the D700 and explained how it fits into the company's expanding DSLR portfolio.

The D700 is a 12MP camera that uitlises the same image quality of its bedfellow, the Nokon D3.

The 12MP images come courtesy of the cam's CMOS sensor, while other technology taken from the D3 include the EXPEED high-speed image-processing system, 14-bit A/D conversion and 16-bit processing pipeline that helps with smoothing out images when they are reproduced on a large scale.

Lightweight design

The Nikon D700 is a lightweight and durable camera that builds on the work done by the company with the D3, but achieves it with a smaller, lighter design.

Working in low-light conditions the D700 is impressive, shooting up to ISO 6400 and delivering virtually noise-free images, according to its makers.

Continuous shooting can be done 8fps with the appropriate battery pack, while autofocus is done to precision with a 51-point AF system.

As Nikon has made its DSLR range easier to carry, it has taken on board that people may want to shoot in less-than perfect conditions, so the company has added a seal to the camera that protects it from moisture, dust and even electromagnetic interference.

The sensor is also protected with an Integrated Dust Reduction System that stops the CMOPS chip from coming into contact with dust and humidity.


One of the newer options is the ability for the camera to recognise people and places and to automatically configure the controls accordingly. Included is Nikon's Scene Recognition System, and the camera will also recognise certain colours that can aid in faster capturing of, say, individuals at a sports event.

As with most new cameras, the D700 houses Live View, but the company has made the mode more responsive this time around.

According to Nikon, you can now focus the camera while in this mode, and you can also zoom in, which can aid in setting up the focus for your shot.

The menu system is the same as that found on the D3 and D300 so regular Nikon users will feel right at home using the camera.

The Nikon D700 is an expansion of the companies FX range and has been designied to sit in between the D3 and D300 in terms of technology. The camera is out in July at a price of £1,999.99 (body only).

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