Nikon embraces geo-tagging

Nikon P6000 comes with geo-tag
Nikon P6000 comes with geo-tag

Nikon has strengthened its burgeoning Coolpix range with a slew of new releases this week. The latest is the Coolpix P6000 which holds the rather grandiose tag of 'Nikon's first camera with built-in GPS'.

GPS on a camera, you shout? Well, integrating this technology means that you can geo-tag you images without having to go into the EXIF data and manually write when and where you shot your stills. Once geo-tagged, you can add these images to Nikon's 'my Picturetown' which can indicate the precise location of your shots.

The camera is high on image quality, with a 13.5MP sensor, 4x optical zoom and a Nikkor 28-112 mm lens. The camera also supports RAW, so images can be captured at optimum quality.

Ethernet connection

Getting you images on to a computer has been made simpler, with the camera's integrated ethernet connection.

Function-wise, the P6000 has three functions to reduce image blur that include High-performance Lens-shift Vibration Reduction (VR) and Nikon's Best Shot Selector, which allows the camera to take a maximum of 10 sequential shots and automatically saves the sharpest image. Nice.

The camera will be available in September for £429, and comes with a strap, rechargeable battery and AC adapter, USB and audio/video cables, Coolpix software suite and free 2GB online storage at Nikon's 'my Picturetown'.

Marc Chacksfield

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