Camera add-on set for Sony's PSP handheld

The camera design is reminiscent of many webcams which clip to the top of computer monitors

Sony has announced its plan to launch the new 'Go!Cam' camera attachment for the PlayStation Portable (PSP). It will go on sale on 16 May and promises to bring the "creativity of film, photos and the fun of PSP together to create a camera for all ages and all occasions".

Go!Cam has a built in microphone and a 180 degree swivel lens. It includes Go!Edit, an editing software package which allows users to save and edit photos, video and audio clips.

''Go!Cam is fantastic news for all those PSP owners looking for something new, fun and creative," said Stephane Hareau at Sony Computer Entertainment Europe.

"With summer around the corner and the ability to turn your PSP into a mini camcorder and capture all the best moments in your life, this is yet another reason to get a PSP and to take advantage of truly portable entertainment. It demonstrates yet again the potential, versatility and evolving nature of PSP.''

Nifty peripheral

With up to two and half hours video recording time and the ability to take and store over 40,000 photos, the camera attachment converts your PSP to a portable and functional camera.

The bundled editing software allows you to transform your PSP into a portable editing suite, letting you edit on the move.

While this is a pretty neat add-on for your PSP, it's probably a little unnecessary for anyone who already has a digital camera or a decent camera phone. If you gave your kid a PSP for Christmas though, the Go!Cam could be a rather cool birthday present.

Go!Cam requires you to upgrade your PSP firmware to at least version 3.0.

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