Blu-ray camp to get exclusive Warner backing

Blu-ray is going on a media offensive in the US in order to win the hearts and minds of budding HD customers

Warner Home Video could be about to turn its back on HD DVD in order to become Blu-ray exclusive. The studio, which has until now supported both the Blu-ray and HD DVD format, hinted at a Blu-ray event today that its support for HD DVD might be about to end.

Dan Silberberg, vice president of HD media at Warner, is reported to have said: "One thing that may be changing is our strategy.

"When both formats launched and hardware prices were high, we made a decision to support both formats and let the consumer decide. But now that hardware pricing is affordable for both Blu-ray and HD DVD, it appears consumers no longer want to decide - so the notion of staying in two formats for the duration is something we are re-evaluating now that we are in the fourth quarter.

"We can definitely talk Blu-ray," he said. "We are committed to the format."

Blu-ray boosted

He made the comments at a two-day media bazaar organised by the Blu-ray Disc Association. During the event, technology journalists from across America were wooed by BDA member companies such as Walt Disney.

Blu-ray was also bolstered today by the news that Fox is planning to launch 100 new Blu-ray titles in 2008.

It's exactly the kind of event that needs to be organised here in the UK. Consumer awareness and education of the HD formats is extremely low in the UK. And poor sales are reflecting that. Neither the HD DVD Promotion Group nor the BDA have made much of a marketing effort in the UK yet, but you'd think it's about time.

One thing's for sure, this news from Warner and Fox is certainly the boost that the BDA needed at this time. Toshiba HD-A2 HD DVD players are now on sale in supermarkets in the US for $198 (£96) which is likely to give the HD DVD format an even bigger lead in standalone player sales.

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