Benchmarks show the HTC U 11 has performance to be proud of

The HTC U 11 is the next flagship phone we've got our eyes on, and going by some freshly posted benchmarks on Geekbench, this is going to be a handset to be reckoned with when it finally gets unveiled to the wider world on May 16.

A device going by the name HTC CBP has logged scores of 1912 for single-core performance and 6137 for multi-core - that puts it on a more-or-less-equal footing with the flagship S8 and S8 Plus launched by Samsung this year.

The benchmark details also point to a Snapdragon 835 CPU from Qualcomm, 4GB of RAM, and Android Nougat 7.1.1, which all lines up pretty neatly with what we've been hearing so far about the upcoming handset. It certainly shouldn't let you down with even the most demanding of mobile tasks.

Squeeze control

As teased by HTC itself, the HTC U 11 will come with some kind of "squeeze" control, where you grip the sides of the device to make selections or scroll through menus. We're also expecting some significant audio hardware to be built in.

Other rumors doing the rounds point to a 5.5-inch screen and maybe even a secondary display (as seen on the HTC U Ultra from earlier this year), though these details aren't logged in the Geekbench  scores.

What's certain is that HTC is going to have to pull something pretty spectacular out of the bag to keep up with the Apples and the Samsungs of this world. All will be revealed at 7am UK time (2am East Coast for the US) on May 16, and we'll bring you full details.

David Nield
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