Steve Jobs wins Grammy for contribution to music

Steve Jobs wins Grammy for contribution to music
iPod - a Jobs well done

Steve Jobs isn't one to be slowed down by a little thing like having shuffled off this mortal coil, having been awarded a Special Merit Grammy award for his contribution to music.

Despite music industry types roundly agreeing that iTunes' monopoly over digital downloads isn't exactly the best thing, it's impossible to deny that Jobs, who passed away in October this year, was responsible for inventions that had a huge impact on the music industry.

Neil Portnow, the president and CEO of the Recording Academy, explains, "This year's honorees offer a variety of brilliance, contributions and lasting impressions on our culture.

"It is an honour to recognise such a diverse group of individuals whose talents and achievements have had an indelible impact on our industry."

Also inedible

Indelible is certainly the word for Jobs' efforts. The iPod led where countless other MP3 players tried and failed to follow, while iTunes brought the concept of actually paying for digital music into the mainstream - and that's not to mention the hard- and software created by Apple that countless musicians use to create, mix and master their work.

The official press release explains, "Jobs' innovations such as the iPod and its conterpart, the online iTunes store, revolutionised the industry and how music was distributed and purchased."

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