Rdio's Stations feature isnow free for mobile iOS and Android users

Rdio Stations now readily available for free tunage

Rdio is amping up its game to keep up with the likes of Spotify and the new iTunes Radio.

Music streaming service Rdio announced today it will begin offering its popular Stations feature to mobile iOS and Android users for free.

Choosing from 10 different station types based on "artist, song, and over 400 genres plus You FM, a personalized station based on your listening habits," you can play free music even if your subscription or trial has ended.

Similar to other music services, Rdio will generate a stream of similar music based on the station you've chosen.

Keep the music goin'

You can also share stations with friends plus create playlist and album stations now through the Rdio mobile app.

Rdio seems to have a decently sized user base, but Spotify is the main music giant to topple and the new iTunes Radio might be a growing contender for the top music service spot. And of course, let's not forget about Pandora.

TechHive does note Rdio will soon be rolling out a Spotify-esque free ad-supported service later this year or early next year which should help its tunes keep playing on.

For now, Rdio's free mobile music is only available in the U.S., Canada and Australia.