JBL Charge 2 pumps music, takes calls and charges your kit

JBL Charge 2 pumps music, takes calls and charges your kit
Pick up and go

The JBL Charge 2 was announced at IFA 2014 in Berlin, building on its predecessor with meatier audio and some nifty additional features.

With an attractive cylindrical design it packs in two passive bass radiators (at either end of the tube) as well as dual drives in the main body.

This provides the Charge 2 with enhanced bass, but it doesn't stop there as it can also act as a speaker phone for your calls via the Bluetooth connection.

On top you'll find a call answer key along with power, Bluetooth and volume controls.

Stop, collaborate and listen

There is one further button on the Charge 2, and it's used to engage social mode. When this option is turned on up to three people can connect their device to the speaker simultaneously, allowing you to easily share the music playing responsibilitis.

JBL Charge 2

If your phone starts to run out of juice, threatening to end the party early, you can grab a USB cable and plug it into the Charge 2. giving your phone or tablet a top up from the speaker's 6000mAh battery.

The Charge 2 is available in white, black, blue, purple and red - the latter of which is reminiscent of a Pringles tube.

If the JBL Charge 2 takes your fancy you'll need to part with £119.99. Not bad, considering you're getting more than just a Bluetooth wireless speaker.

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