PMC's EB1 speaker gets 'i'd-up

Big hitter: PMC’s mighty EB1i

Back in January, we brought you details of a whole new range of PMC loudspeakers, called the I Series. Well the line-up has just grown by one, with the announcement that the ‘prosumer’ speaker specialist is adding a high-end, heavyweight to its largely affordable I Series products.

Enter the EB1i – a “radically improved” version of the original EB1 – PMC’s hefty three-way floorstander.

‘I’s have it

In keeping with its ‘I’d-up siblings, the new EB1i gains the new Solonex soft dome tweeter, which has been made in conjunction with Norwegian drive unit specialist SEAS. This key modification is said to give the £5,950 EB1i extended high frequency detail, greater power handling and a broader off-axis response.

Engineers at the Luton-based company were also tasked with modifying the speaker’s crossover network to incorporate the new tweeter unit. A spokesperson said, “The EB1i’s top-end response is cleaner and more open with superior imaging, which gives the feel of an extremely articulate compact monitor with the added bonus of a flat response down to 19Hz.”

The speaker’s cabinet has also been improved – there’s more sophisticated jointing throughout and ‘Cabinet talk’ has been reduced further against the original model. A new high-gloss lacquer ‘seals’ the deal.