Asus’ powered-up Lyra Trio mesh Wi-Fi system is now available to order

Asus Lyra Trio

Asus has announced that its new Lyra Trio multi-hub mesh Wi-Fi system will be available to buy next week, and pre-orders are live now, with a three-pack of the devices costing $299.99 (around £215, AU$395).

You can reserve a Lyra Trio via Amazon in the US now, and although the system isn’t available to order in other territories yet, hopefully it will be soon (and there’s always the option of shipping to the UK, although it will naturally cost you quite a bit in delivery and import fees).

Lyra Trio was first unveiled back at CES at the beginning of this year, and like other mesh Wi-Fi products (such as Google Wifi and Netgear Orbi), the separate hubs link up together and are placed strategically around your home with the aim of extending coverage and banishing any Wi-Fi weak spots.

Lyra Trio’s triangular-shaped hubs are an upgrade from the original Asus Lyra system which was launched last year, and they boast dual-band 3x3 MIMO (compared to tri-band 2x2 MIMO on the original Lyra).

Asus Lyra Trio

Seamless security

You should be able to benefit from seamless roaming as you wander about your house, and Asus also puts an emphasis on network security with the Lyra system, with what it describes as ‘always-on privacy protection’ provided for all the devices used in your home (Trend Micro supplies cloud-based security for the system).

You also get an easy setup process via a smartphone app (so you don’t need a PC), and one-click firmware updates to make sure keeping your system protected against the latest threats isn’t a bind.

It’s also good to see that the asking price is $299.99 (around £215, AU$395), given that the original Asus Lyra system launched at the more expensive price point of $400 (around £285, AU$525).

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