Adamo is Dell's MacBook Air killer

Dell unveils super slim new laptop and launches Adamo range of luxury computers at CES 2009

Dell has confirmed the launch of its new luxury laptop brand Adamo at CES in Las Vegas. The first super-skinny laptop in the new range is set to give Apple's MacBook Air a run for its money when it releases at some point in the first half of 2009.

Dell is traditionally not a brand associated with flashy design aesthetics (Sony Vaio and Apple have traditionally fought to own that particular market).

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Brushed aluminium beauty

Things could be set to change when the new Adamo is made available, as it is sure to be more competitively priced than either of those two aforementioned 'luxury laptop' brands.

Aside from showing off the look of the brushed aluminium beauty, Dell didn't release any details on specifications, no doubt saving those for another press event later this month.

All that a Dell rep said about the specs for the Adamo was that: "when you think about precision design you would expect precision tech specs."

"It's a no compromise laptop," apparently. Well, we'll be the ones to decide that when we get some hands-on time with the thing.

Inch-thin and solid

Engadget's first play with it touts it as being "less than an inch thick, we'd say -- and although we didn't measure, we'd say that 13-inch screen rumor was spot on."

"It's built really, really, well -- and it's a total smudge magnet, with a super-glossy display and a shiny black panel like the Studio XPS series on the lid. The design is somewhat reminiscent of the [Voodoo] Envy 133 with its squared-off shape."

TechRadar will bring you those all important specs the second we get them from Dell. Oh, and the price too!