Apple Watch 8 sounds more likely to get anticipated feature - but Watch SE 2 may not

Apple Watch Series 7 images of watch on test
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According to rumors, there are a whopping three Apple smartwatches destined to launch in 2022, and the Apple Watch 8 is the flagship of the trio. We've heard some leaks on what features it might bring, and one is sounding super likely.

This is body temperature tracking, which would be able to tell you if you're too hot or have a fever - while some smaller leakers have been forecasting this feature for a while, prolific Apple leaker Mark Gurman has added his name to the list, which lends lots of weight to the prediction.

In the latest entry to his Apple newsletter, Gurman says that the anticipated Apple Watch Rugged Edition could also get this feature, but the Apple Watch SE 2 likely won't - those are the other two wearables expected this year.

That's something you'd expect, really - the rugged wearable is expected to be a hardier spin on the Apple Watch 8, while the Watch SE 2 will probably be based on older smartwatches from the company instead of the newest versions.

Analysis: a boring upgrade?

In the same newsletter, Gurman mentions that there won't be many other big upgrades in the Watch 8 - it's expected to have an older chipset, so won't be more powerful, though Gurman says it could get a brighter display.

Apple is in a bit of a chipset doldrum at the moment, and it sounds like the iPhone 14 won't get a new one either.

If current leaks are to be believed, the Apple Watch 8 might not be a huge upgrade on the Watch Series 7, and will only really appeal to people who have a much older Apple Watch (or don't own one yet).

But that's fine - Apple has so many products on the way that we really don't need all of them to be big and flashy. And for big wearable fans, the Rugged Edition (or Extreme Edition, as some are expecting it to be called) could be the true flagship model anyway.

So let's wait until the end of the year to be sure, but we're expecting the iPhone 14 and iPad Pro 2022 to bring the bigger upgrades.

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