Apple macOS 10.14 is Mojave

macos 10.14 Mojave

During its WWDC 2018 keynote address, Apple has announced that macOS 10.14 will be known as Mojave.

Apple's Craig Federighi debuted the operating system update, getting straight to the good stuff, with features like Dark Mode confirmed following previous rumors.

Another feature known as Stacks was demonstrated, a new method for gathering collections of files or apps within single, clickable icons. For instance, photos can be gathered in a single stack on the desktop rather than littered throughout that home screen.

Other quality-of-life features were announced such as Quick Look, a new way to interact with files more deeply, but without actually launching an associated app. This allows you to play with rich media files in a lightweight way. Screenshots are also improved, bringing video capture to the tool.

Apple has also expanded upon its cross-device workspace tool, Continuity, with a Camera addition, allowing for instantaneous pasting of photos taken with the iPhone to the connected macOS Mojave desktop. This feature also works for scanning documents.

macOS 10.14 Mojave

Classic iOS apps come to Mac

One particularly exciting and interesting set of features for macOS 10.14 is the addition of key iOS tools to the operating system. News is now available on macOS through Mojave, as is Stocks, to fill out the content piece.

As for tools you can actually use, macOS 10.14 introduces the Voice Memos and Home tools to the interface. All of these apps further merge iOS and Mac without them actually touching.

Apple doubles down on security and privacy

Federighi also took time to focus on security and privacy features for macOS 10.14 in the face of several scandals this past year.  On a system level, Apple has expanded the Keychain and other security features to include support for Camera, Microphone, Safari data and much more.

Furthermore, Apple promised to get cookies – the bits of tracking code used by websites to better advertise toward you – out of Safari entirely.

macOS 10.14 Mojave

The Mac App Store is completely renovated

Like Apple had recently overhauled the iOS App Store, the firm has brought the same design and editorial-focused aesthetic and theme to the Mac App Store. The new interface attempts to steer users' browsing with far-reaching categories, like 'Play', 'Work' and 'Develop'.

The update also brings video previews of Mac apps to the App Store on macOS for the first time. Finally, Apple proudly announced that Microsoft will bring its Office 365 suite to the Mac App Store, as well as Adobe's Lightroom.

macOS 10.14 Mojave

No, Apple is not merging iOS and macOS, but...

Apple surprisingly took the time to address the never-ending question of whether iOS and macOS would be merging. An emphatic 'No' dropped onto the massive screen behind Federighi in dramatic fashion.

However, the Apple software executive then invited WWDC goers and viewers a sneak peek of how iOS and macOS will work together in the future. In short, Apple revealed that it will soon allow iOS apps on macOS by bringing underlying iOS frameworks to the desktop operating system.

In fact, the very aforementioned Apple apps were brought to macOS using these very frameworks. The functionality will be available to developers in 2019. 

The macOS 10.14 developer beta preview download will be available today, at the time of writing.

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