Apple has five teams working on wireless charging tech

Could the iPhone 8 come with wireless charging capabilities? It's a rumor that's been consistently thrown around in relation to Apple's next iPhone, and a new report adds further fuel to the fire.

According to a source "with knowledge of the matter" speaking to Reuters, Apple has "at least five different groups" working on wireless charging technology.

Even for a company as big as Apple, to dedicate not one, not two, but five groups to a project suggests a resource spend into an area that's expected to bear fruit for the company.

Wireless whisperings

It's far from the first nugget of info to suggest Apple is increasingly interested in wireless charging technology.

The company recently joined with the Wireless Power Consortium, which counts the likes of Samsung, HTC, Nokia and other leading phone manufacturers among its ranks, and sets the industry standards for Qi wireless charging technology. When pressed however even Menno Treffers, Chair of the Wireless Power Consortium, could not confirm whether future iPhones would use Qi smarts.

Additionally, recently uncovered patents suggest that Apple is still tinkering with the wireless charging systems it already employs, specifically exploring ways to make wireless charging of the Apple Watch more convenient.

It's a big year for Apple, with its stocks riding high despite a tepid critical reception to the iPhone 7. Cowen & Co analysts put that down to a high percentage of smartphone users sitting past the two year mark with their current handsets, ready to upgrade to whatever Apple may show off this autumn. With the 10th anniversary of the iPhone celebrated this year, Apple will be looking to make this year's device a showstopper – bells and whistles like wireless charging will certainly help that goal.

Gerald Lynch

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