AMD Ryzen 3rd Generation benchmarks leak, showing blistering performance

AMD Ryzen 3rd Generation

We already know that AMD Ryzen 3rd Generation processors are coming in Q3 2019, and are rumored to be revealed at Computex 2019 – but benchmarks for two of the chips have leaked ahead of the show.

These leaks, spotted by Wccftech, reveal a 12-core AMD Ryzen processor, running at a whopping 5.0GHz alongside a 16-core chip clocked at 4.2GHz. That sounds like a lot already, but the results of these leaked benchmarks are very promising. 

That 16-core Ryzen 3000 chip gives the much more expensive Intel Core i9-7960X a run for its money, scoring 4,278 points to the 3,163 that Intel's chip gets. In fact, the only way the 7960X comes close is when it's overclocked to 4.8GHz. 

This is a leak, of course, so you should take it with a grain of salt. But, if it's accurate it means that AMD Ryzen 3rd Generation processors will not only feature higher clock speeds, but also up to a 10% improvement to IPC (instructions per clock). This is likely thanks to the improved efficiency afforded by the move to a 7nm manufacturing process.

AMD Ryzen 3rd Generation

Less cores, more speed

The 16-core Ryzen 3000 processor is powerful enough, but it looks like the 12-core chip might be of interest for anyone that needs fast single-core performance. 

We haven't seen the base speed of this 12-core AMD Ryzen processor, but it looks like it can turbo up to a whopping 5.0GHz, without having to mess with any overclocking. 

If this rumored Ryzen chip matches the same IPC improvements as the 16-core chip, it could end up being one of the best processors for gaming. Either way, we'll find out what's really going on with AMD Ryzen 3rd Generation next week at Computex 2019, so stay tuned for our coverage.  

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