AMD Raven Ridge APUs for laptops teased for 2018 release

AMD may have just teased its next Raven Ridge APU for high-end notebooks. We have already seen the benefit that these APUs can offer – allowing for 1080p gaming without discrete graphics, as long as you’re comfortable dialing back some of the detail settings. 

The Ryzen 7 2800H was hinted at in a slide during AMD’s Hot Chips presentation, where the company was detailing its progress on the ‘25x20’ initiative. This will see the chip manufacturer boost energy efficiency of all chips 25 times by 2020. 

More information about the mobile chip showed up on HP’s website, as reported by Tom’s Hardware. This Raven Ridge APU will supposedly be a quad-core chip and will rock a 3.35GHz base frequency with a 3.8GHz boost – beefy for a mobile chip.  This high-end mobile chip was teased next to a Ryzen 5 2600H, as well. 

Future spec 

AMD’s focus on boosting energy efficiency every year might see this new APU manufactured on a smaller process. The slides AMD showed off already mentioned that these next-generation Raven Ridge chips will have a smaller die size, so it’s within the realm of possibility to move to a 12-nanometer (nm) process. 

This might push AMD Ryzen mobile chips ahead of Intel’s offerings – especially considering that Intel has been stuck on a 14nm process for a while now. Maybe some of the best Ultrabooks of 2018 will have AMD instead of Intel Inside. 

Bill Thomas

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