AMD confirms that Vega graphics cards will arrive in the next two months

AMD has confirmed that the first of its next-generation graphics cards featuring Vega technology will be available within the next two months.

The company previously indicated that the initial Radeon RX Vega offerings were ‘expected’ to ship in the second quarter of this year – meaning before the end of June – and AMD has now confirmed this with a message on social media.

A Polish Facebook user asked a question about when Vega would be ready, and AMD replied: “When it is ready… And it will be this quarter.”

The company also showed off a Vega GPU ‘effortlessly’ dealing with processing 8K video in Adobe Premiere Pro CC, according to Wccftech.

So, exciting times are rushing swiftly towards us, and it seems like it's a certainty that we’ll see these beefy new Vega GPUs – which are likely to be a potent combination with the recently unleashed Ryzen CPUs – either next month, or in June.

Cream of Computex?

As we’ve heard before, though, it’s more likely to be June, coinciding with Computex – which starts on the last day of May, and runs into the first week of June – being the likely launch platform.

That would give some breathing space between the launch of the RX 500 series graphics cards (that have only advanced the current-generation Polaris tech) which has only just happened, and the release of Vega.

Still, you never know in the world of technology; we might just see an earlier launch for the next-gen GPU.

As we saw when the first details about Vega were unveiled at CES back at the start of the year, it boasts a next-generation compute engine, high-bandwidth cache and HBM2 video memory (which sports twice the bandwidth per pin compared to HBM). AMD says that in comparison to GDDR5 video RAM, HBM2’s overall footprint is 50% smaller.

This isn’t all about hardware, though, because AMD is also expecting to achieve speedier performance in games by collaborating directly with publishers and developers like Bethesda, which will be optimizing its big-name games for both Vega and Ryzen alike.

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