Amazon Echo with touchscreen reveal tipped for Tuesday

Update: After numerous leaks, the Amazon Echo Show has finally been announced. 

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The rumors about the new Amazon Echo, the one with a touchscreen and a camera, have reached a fever pitch. It’s a very good thing, then, that Amazon might be ready to lift the curtain on the product as soon as tomorrow morning.

Amazon’s proposed plans to announce the device come by way of The Wall Street Journal who say that it could launch at $200 (about £150, AU$270) and can corroborate earlier reports that the device will be capable of video calling. 

Amazon’s new touchscreen device would come hot on the heels of the Echo Look, another Echo product that specializes in fashion analysis that Amazon announced last week and, potentially, share some of the same functionality. 

Two new Amazon devices in two weeks? It’s certainly a possibility.

Twas the night before the Knight

Despite weeks of rumors, we don’t know all that much about Amazon’s follow-up to the original Echo. So, what do we know? We know that it’s very likely to include a camera and a touch screen – two components that would radically change the way the Echo works. 

From the sounds of the WSJ’s report, though, it doesn’t seem like video calling would be available as soon as the new Echo comes out – instead, features would be rolled out 'in stages'. This would start with the ability to use two Echo devices in your home into an intercom system before eventually becoming a full-on Skype replacement, for example. 

While the report didn’t have a name for the product, we know from previous reports that Amazon has codenamed the product 'the Echo Knight'. 

Does that codename have a hidden meaning? We’ll just have to wait until tomorrow to find out. 

Nick Pino

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