Alienware Concept Polaris wants to bring RTX 3090 performance to your laptop

An Alienware Concept Polaris with an Alienware laptop
(Image credit: Dell)

It's no secret that eGPUs are some of the hottest items on the market right now. 

Thanks to the throughput of USB-C – and especially Thunderbolt 4 – it's now possible to offload your GPU to an external card, even on a laptop. This makes something like the Alienware Concept Polaris eGPU all that more exciting, even if there's no word yet if it'll ever see production.

While you have to be careful with concept products during CES and set your expectations accordingly, this really is one concept product we genuinely hope makes it to market.

According to Alienware, the Concept Polaris will be powered by two power supplies, one variant running dual 330W adapters and another running two 425W adapters. The former will be powerful enough to run an RTX 3080, while the latter will be able to power an RTX 3090.

This means the power of the best graphics cards available for a desktop would be accessible to a laptop system. 

With gaming laptops being more portable than ever, having the versatility of a desktop GPU to power a laptop system at home while maintaining the ability to carry a laptop off whenever you needed is a huge benefit, one that we can't wait to try ourselves – assuming Concept Polaris ever makes it out of the concept stage.

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