AirPods 3 tipped to launch alongside the iPhone 13 in September

The 2019 Apple AirPods. (Image credit: TechRadar)

September is lining up to be a very good month for fans of Apple hardware: not only is the iPhone 13 due to land, it looks as though we might get the AirPods 3 wireless earbuds along with it, according to a new report.

Based on information from sources familiar with Apple's plans, DigiTimes says it's likely that Apple will launch both the iPhone 13 and the AirPods 3 at an event in September. DigiTimes can usually be relied on when it comes to Apple predictions, though it doesn't always get everything right.

This lines up neatly with rumors we heard earlier this week, which also floated the possibility of a joint launch for the AirPods 3 and the iPhone 13. Now that looks like more of a probability, and the idea would no doubt appeal to Apple executives.

Most of the rumors we've heard so far have pointed to an AirPods 3 launch in the second half of 2021, so September seems like a good bet at this point. Apple has also had hardware launches in October and November in the past though.

The AirPods 3 story so far

The cheaper AirPods (as opposed to the AirPods Pro) were last updated back in 2019, so it makes sense that Apple should be thinking about a refresh. This would be the third generation of the truly wireless earbuds to make it to the consumer market.

From what we're heard so far, a redesign is in the offing: the new earbuds will apparently feature shorter ear stems in the style of the AirPods Pro. The charging case would then be adapted accordingly of course, with a smaller form factor.

There has also been talk of Apple fitting more sensors to future versions of the AirPods, opening up more possibilities when it comes to extra health and fitness features – a strategy that has worked well for the Apple Watch through successive generations.

We will of course keep you posted with any more AirPods 3 leaks and rumors we hear in the meantime, but for now we'll assume that a joint unveiling with the iPhone 13 is likely – and there might be a few additional surprises on the way as well.

Via MacRumors

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