6 new movies and TV shows on Netflix, Amazon Prime, HBO Max and more this weekend

New on Netflix this weekend
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This is a pretty busy week for streaming services, with Netflix, Apple TV Plus, HBO Max and Hulu all having something new to check out. We've trimmed down this weekend's streaming offerings to six highlights, and below we'll let you know how to stream each of them in the US and the UK (wherever possible). 

From historical dramas to psychological thrillers and even a potential Oscar Best Picture winner, there's a lot that's worth adding to your watch list over the coming few days. This isn't the busiest time for big new TV shows – ongoing episodes of WandaVision are keeping us occupied – but in the golden age of streaming, it's never truly quiet. 

Here's what you can stream this weekend. 

Behind Her Eyes (Netflix) 

While it may have a love triangle at its core, this new miniseries is definitely one for the weekend after Valentine’s day. Based on the novel of the same name, this twist-heavy psychological thriller tells the story of Louise – played by Simona Brown – who finds herself caught between her new boss and lover David, and an unlikely friend in David’s wife Adele.

The critical response has been pretty mixed, but if you like twists that will have you screaming at the TV screen, this is one to consider. 

Now streaming on Netflix

For All Mankind season 2 (Apple TV Plus) 

"What if the space race had never ended?", asks this solid, well-cast alternate universe series from Battlestar Galactica overseer Ronald D Moore. Set in a world where the Soviet Union landed on the moon first, season 2 of For All Mankind jumps forward a decade, and takes the Cold War to a moon on the brink of armed conflict.

Episodes of season 2 are rolling out weekly, and season 1 is already available to stream. There's also an AR story app set before season 2, if you've got an Apple device. 

Now streaming on Apple TV Plus, with new episodes releasing each week

I Care a Lot (Netflix/Amazon Prime Video) 

State guardianship isn’t a topic many of us have thought of since that Last Week Tonight episode in 2018, but this dark comedy thriller from J. Blakeson thrusts it right back into the spotlight. Rosamund Pike stars as the utterly wicked Marla Grayson, an exploitative guardian who has bogus dementia diagnoses thrust on elderly patients and drains their bank accounts when she is trusted with their care. Her latest target might not be the typical ‘sweet old lady’ victim she’s used to, however.

The film currently sits at a healthy 84% score on Rotten Tomatoes, at the time of publication. If you live in the US, it's streaming on Netflix, but UK viewers can watch it on Amazon Prime Video.

Now streaming on Netflix (US) and Amazon Prime Video (UK)

Nomadland (Hulu) 

Already touted as an Oscar contender, this feature film from Chloé Zhao – who's next directing the Marvel movie The Eternals – is about what it's like to be nomadic in the United States, adapting the nonfiction book Nomadland: Surviving America in the Twenty-First Century. Mixing both fictional characters and real-life nomads playing versions of themselves, we follow Fern (Frances McDormand), who has hit the road after losing her husband and job in a story that many might find relatable. 

This is a big coup for Hulu, which often has great original movies to watch, but sadly it won't be released in the UK until April. 

Now streaming on Hulu

Amend: The Fight for America (Netflix) 

If you’re looking to do a little learning this weekend, this new docuseries on the Fourteenth Amendment of the US constitution should do the trick. Hosted by Will Smith, this six-parter explains how the amendment came to be and why it’s important for equality in America, including the voting rights of Black people and women. 

Now streaming on Netflix

It's a Sin (HBO Max and All4)

Set in 1980s London, It’s a Sin shows what life was like for gay men during the UK’s HIV/AIDS crisis. This emotional five-part series is not afraid to deal with the cruel reality of the time, and features superb performances from its ensemble cast including Olly Alexander, Lydia West, and Neil Patrick Harris.

Having already released in the UK, It’s a Sin is All4’s most binge-watched show ever, but now HBO Max subscribers can see what the big deal is about.

Now streaming on HBO Max in the US and All 4 in the UK

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