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Rock XSL8-Q9300 review

A beast of a gaming machine

Rock XSL8-Q9300-Main
Rock XSL8-Q9300

Our Verdict

An impressive performer with games, but elsewhere it fails to justify its high price


  • Fantastic gaming performance


  • Steep price
  • Poor battery life
  • Bulky

There aren't many laptops which can run World in Conflict at a playable framerate, at native resolution, without turning off all the effects, but the Rock XSL8-Q9300 is one of them.

With two GeForce 9800M GTs in SLI configuration, and a quad-core Q9300 to boot, there's not a lot it can't handle.

It's a huge machine – it has to be to handle all that cooling – but the size is definitely worth it.

Is the price? Well, not really. In an ideal world we'd be able to downgrade the CPU to a cheaper, faster dual-core, though the website will only let us select the almost as expensive E8400 at this time. Might mean we got more than an hour and a half battery life out of it though.

The configuration at purchase is highly customisable, as you'd expect at this price-point.