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JoliBook set to launch with JoliCloud OS

JoliCloud - 'a radically different OS'
JoliCloud - 'a radically different OS'

The JoliBook is set to launch, bringing with it the cloud-friendly JoliCloud operating system.

The Linux-based JoliCloud OS is, like the forthcoming Chrome OS, built to take advantage of the cloud and connectivity – and describes itself as 'a radically new OS'.

To that end, it aims to bring the simplicity of not needing to install drivers but also give the local storage that still remains one of the big doubts about Chrome OS.

"Keep your data locally but with the ability to save anything on the Cloud and control which services you want to use," states JoliCloud's website.

JoliBook specs

The JoliBook will be the first computer to take advantage of the JoliCloud OS, and brings the kind of specs you would expect to see on most modern netbooks.

"Designed for people who live in the cloud, it's running Jolicloud 1.1 and comes preloaded with Chromium, Facebook, Spotify, VLC, Skype, and a bunch of cool apps that are one click away," said the company's release

"With its super fast dual core Atom N550 processor, its gorgeous screen, its 250GB hard drive, and its affordable price, it should not stay on the shelf very long."

There is no UK release date or pricing as yet – but we will, of course, keep you updated.