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Palm: Foleo 'better suited' than a laptop

Ed Colligan says the Foleo (left) is "better suited" to mobile computing than laptops

Palm says its new Foleo mobile Linux-based computer is "better suited for the mobile computing environment" than a standard laptop. Interviewed by the Wall Street Journal , CEO Ed Colligan suggested that laptops "have become desktops", as opposed to his company's "simplified design - you know, instant on, instant apps."

"What's happened with laptops is that a lot of them put every bell and whistle in them and they've become desktops," he said. "You dock them and if you want to take your desktop with you, you do."

Talking about the Foleo, Colligan said it was: "designed from the ground up as a mobile computer. So we think its design premise and its architecture is actually better suited for that mobile computing environment.

"It's simplified computing. I used the analogy earlier of the Wii versus the PS3...on the road most people want email, office docs, web access, presentations - it has a VGA out - and Solitaire. We will allow all those to happen. You'll see - I think very quickly, thousands of apps for this platform.

"We're trying to design and make computing more accessible to more people around the world," he added.