How to watch Yali Çapkini online and stream the Turkish drama from anywhere

Afra Saraçoğlu and Mert Ramazan Demir for Yali Capkini
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Watch Yali Çapkini online

New episodes of Yali Çapkini air every Friday on Turkey's Star TV and YouTube. Turkish natives who are away from home can watch it using a VPN from anywhere in the world, as long as they have an internet connection. Read on for full details of how to watch Yali Çapkini where you are.

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New episodes: every Friday
TV channel: Star TV, YouTube (free)
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Watch Yali Çapkini – preview

Yali Çapkini is a family drama that goes heavy on the drama. Its Turkish title translates as The Kingfisher, and it follows the trials and tribulations of an arranged marriage between Seyran (Afra Saraçoğlu) and Ferit (Mert Ramazan Demir) – the former a headstrong, independent woman who wants to live on her own terms, the latter an immature, irresponsible heir to a jewellery fortune who doesn't take life too seriously. What could go wrong?

Well, everything. Like the marriage for starters. See, Ferit was originally supposed to marry Seyran's sister Suna, who is much more docile than her strong-willed sibling. But when Ferit and Seyran meet, unaware that they are supposed to become brother- and sister-in-law, they hit it off and decide to get hitched.

Suna, understandably, is a bit miffed. Her life's dream was to marry a rich man, and to see it snatched away from her, and by her own sister at that, leaves her fuming. So she immediately starts making plans at revenge in order to win back the fortune that should have been hers.

But things are no picnic in Merit's camp, either. His brother Fuat is Merit's complete opposite, running his father's business in a responsible manner and generally living up to his father's ideals. So he's also less than happy that dad thinks marrying off Fuat will make him grow up. Expect plenty of power struggles between siblings and in-laws alike...

Here's how to watch a Yali Çapkini online and stream episodes no matter where you are.

How to watch Yali Çapkini online in Turkey

Episodes of Yali Çapkini air on Turkey's Star TV every Friday, but they're also uploaded to YouTube. At time of writing, there are 34 available. At over two hours each, they'll last you long into the summer TV drought.

Out of the country, but don't want to miss your weekly fix? Consider using a VPN as outlined below – we rate ExpressVPN as the best of the best.

How to watch Yali Çapkini from outside Turkey

Yali Çapkini is available to watch on YouTube outside Turkey, but you might encounter a geoblock in certain regions. If so, a VPN can help you get around this, and help you tune in to your favorite family drama.

Use a VPN to watch Yali Çapkini from anywhere:

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How to watch Yali Çapkini online in the USA

Yali Çapkini isn't broadcast in the US, but you can watch it on YouTube.

Geoblocked? Use a VPN to hide your location and watch as if you were in Turkey. Handy if you're holidaying abroad and want to keep up with the family goings-on.

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How to watch Yali Çapkini in the UK

No UK networks broadcast Yali Çapkini, but you can watch it on YouTube for free.

If you're on holiday abroad from Turkey and don't want to miss out, you can use a VPN to watch it from anywhere in the world.

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How to watch a Yali Çapkini online in Canada

Yali Çapkini is available to watch on YouTube in Canada too, on any mobile or device that can access the video-sharing site. Best of all, it's completely free!

Can't watch? Use a VPN to unblock a livestream from wherever you are in the world.

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How to watch Yali Çapkini in Australia

Again, YouTube hosts the same episodes in Australia, so you should be able to watch Yali Çapkini without any issues.

But if you do encounter any geoblocking, you can get around it with a VPN.

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