30 celebrity photographers who are actually celebrities

30 celebrity photographers who are actual celebrities: 6-10

6. Stanley Kubrick

Celebrity photographers who are actual celebrities Stanley Kubrick

Style: Photojournalism
Most famous for: Learning to stop worrying and loving the bomb. Widely regarded as one of the greatest film directors of all time, Kubrick's films include Dr. Strangelove, Clockwork Orange, 2001: A Space Odyssey, The Shining, and more.

From an early age, photography has played a big role in Kubrick's life. At thirteen he was given a Graflex camera by his father and became the official school photographer at his high school.

He initially worked as a freelance photographer during and after graduation from college. He progressed his photographic career to become full-time staff photographer for Look magazine, becoming the youngest staff photographer in the history of the magazine.

Perhaps his huge success in filmmaking is owed to his talents and experience as a photographer. Without this, would his films have been as visually appealing?

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7. Ben Folds

Celebrity photographers who are actual celebrities Ben Folds

Style: Documentary, traditional
Most famous for: Singer-songwriter for band Ben Folds Five

Although not well known for his photography, Folds has certainly taken some photographs to be proud of. Representing a story of Folds' life on the road, his portfolio of black and white pictures capture small moments that encapsulate a certain romanticism.

Pictures that he has taken of famous musicians and celebrities, and on stage in front of a huge audience, mingle with small moments in life and more 'mundane' scenes.

Yet in spite of their contrasting differences - the 'big' with the 'small' - they retain a similar feel; that of a nostalgia that pervades throughout the images. Ben Folds' photos were featured at the National Geographic Live Event, and will undoubtedly be seen in other exhibitions in the future.

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8. Matthew Modine

Celebrity photographers who are actual celebrities Matthew Modine

Camera: Large-format Rolleiflex
Style: Documentary-style, behind the movie scenes
Most famous for: His role of Private Joker in Stanley Kubrick's Full Metal Jacket; he was also pretty awesome in Transporter 2 (just sayin')

Inspired by Kubrick's earlier career as a photographer for Look magazine, Modine brought along a large-format Rolleiflex camera while filming on the set of Full Metal Jacket. By the end of filming he had taken hundreds of photographs capturing real-life drama on set.

Those photographs have since been collated into a book called Full Metal Jacket Diary which is also now available as an iPad app.

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9. Brendan Fraser

Celebrity photographers who are actual celebrities Brendan Fraser

Style: Lo-fi photojournalism
Most famous for: His role as Rick O'Connell in The Mummy, as well as Crash, The Quiet American and, of course, Encino Man

A fan of lo-fi photography, Fraser has often been known to appear on the set of Scrubs in his guest roles with Polaroids, a folding pack camera, and a Japanese-only Holga model; he even has a dedication in the book 'Collector's Guide to Instant Cameras'!

His selection of his photography can be viewed on his website and features three separate sets: The Quiet American, People: Vietnam, and Places: Morocco.

Some black and white photography and some sepia, his photos look as though they have come straight out of the early 20th century; perhaps he was influenced by his role in The Mummy?

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10. Tyra Banks

[caption id="attachment_542486" align="aligncenter" width="450" caption="Image copyright Tyra Banks"]

Celebrity photographers who are actual celebrities Tyra Banks


Style: Dramatic fashion and beauty photography
Most famous for: Internationally renowned model and host of America's Next Top Model

Banks made a name for herself in the modelling industry as one of the world's top models, but she is also comfortable behind the camera as well as in front of it.

Dramatic and eye-catching, Banks' photography uses light and shadows for impact. She has been known to use materials to cast interesting patterns of shadow on the faces of the models.

Her years of experience working in front the camera as a model will have undoubtedly helped her learn the photographic trade, but as evident in her pictures, she clearly has a natural eye for lighting and composition.

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