Samsung Bespoke Jet AI review: dynamic suction comes to an already-excellent vacuum

Harnessing the power of machine learning in a cordless vacuum

Hand holding the Samsung Bespoke Jet AI cordless vacuum as it begins its initial setup
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TechRadar Verdict

The Samsung Bespoke Jet AI takes everything that was excellent about its predecessor, then improves upon it by harnessing the power of AI to determine when suction needs to be boosted. In addition to dynamic suction, brush speed also increases to clean up your floors really well. It’s lightweight and versatile, plus Samsung’s Clean Station is still just as good as it previously was. All in all, the Bespoke Jet AI is an excellent cordless vacuum cleaner but its high price may put it out of reach for many households.


  • +


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    Excellent dynamic suction

  • +

    Good battery life


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    Minor upgrade over previous model

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    Build quality lacks robustness

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Samsung Bespoke Jet AI: Two-minute review

If it ain’t broken, don’t fix it, and that’s exactly what Samsung has done with its Bespoke Jet AI cordless vacuum cleaner. It’s a slightly improved version of Samsung’s previous Bespoke Jet cordless vacuum cleaner model, and I say “slightly improved” because everything I praised about the previous model is here, with just one main addition – AI smarts (aka some seriously good sensors) to help optimize suction power for each inch of floor space. Other than that, you can’t tell the two generations apart.

And that’s not a bad thing because the design remains modern and clean, plus Samsung’s Integrated Clean Station is still excellent at automatically emptying the cordless vacuum’s bin canister while also charging it up. You still get a plethora of additional tools to make vacuuming less of a chore, including a mop attachment, and they can all be set up on the Accessory Cradle that will need some extra space to store.

This time round, though, there’s no second charging dock for a spare battery on the Cradle, so you don’t need the spare power point. Instead, Samsung has used a bigger battery on its 280AW Bespoke Jet AI that promises a runtime of up to 100 minutes.

The two motorized cleaning heads for carpets and hard floors now come with LED lights, which don’t do as good a job of highlighting dust as Dyson’s Fluffy Optic does, but they’re still handy when you’re trying to clean under furniture or in dark spaces.

In my Samsung Bespoke Jet review, I said that it was “capable of putting [a Dyson] to shame in terms of functionality and power” and the Bespoke Jet AI carries on that tradition but with dynamic suction now available that wasn’t there before. That is what Samsung is pushing as the “AI” part of the product. While the sensors do an excellent job of managing suction power, there are several mid-tier vacuum cleaners that also offer the same thing at a lower price.

If you’re already part of Samsung’s SmartThings ecosystem, the vacuum can be paired with the app so you can set up auto-emptying durations, view cleaning records and run diagnostics. But you really don’t need this either.

This is not to say that the Bespoke Jet AI isn’t good, far from it – it’s a powerful vacuum with more suction power than a Dyson, but you are paying extra for the dynamic suction and I still think the older Bespoke Jet does remarkably well without that. This makes it a little hard to justify the higher price tag over the predecessor, which still retains its spot in our best cordless vacuum cleaner round-up.

Samsung Bespoke Jet AI in handheld mode used to clean a shelf

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Samsung Bespoke Jet AI review: price, models and availability

  • Announced June 2023, available since July 2023
  • Some markets get two models
  • Prices start at $1,099 / £999 / AU$1,499

The Samsung Bespoke Jet AI has been available to purchase since July 2023, and most markets have just one model with a maximum suction power of 280AW and a battery life of up to 100 minutes. And this costs $1,099 / £999 / AU$1,599. This is the model that was sent to me for review.

Australia, however, gets two models – the 280AW one with all the bells and whistles, plus a slightly cheaper 250AW suction model with a maximum runtime of 60 minutes that costs AU$1,499.

The Bespoke Jet AI can be purchased directly from Samsung or from authorized retailers, but keep an eye out for discounts during major sales, as this cordless vacuum cleaner is definitely worth considering when it’s available for a cheaper price.

However, in comparison to the older Samsung Bespoke Jet cordless vacuum, this is a minor upgrade – dynamic suction is new here – and based on that I find it a little hard to justify the higher cost.

• Value score: 4 / 5

Samsung Bespoke Jet AI docked in its Clean Station with the Accessory Cradle on the floor next to it

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Samsung Bespoke Jet AI: specs

The below specifications are for the Australian model of the 280AW Samsung Bespoke Jet AI cordless vacuum cleaner.

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Price:$1,099 / £999 / AU$1,599
Bin volume:0.5L (canister); 2L (dust bag)
Suction power:up to 280 air watts
Cleaning modes:5
Filtration:5-layered cyclonic HEPA system
Runtime:up to 100 minutes
Self-emptying (Y/N):Yes
Noise level:up to 87dB
Tools & attachments:6 + Clean Station + Accessory Cradle

Samsung Bespoke Jet AI review: Design

  • No obvious change in design from the older Bespoke Jet
  • Washable bin canister and filter
  • Accessory Cradle no longer has a second battery charging port

In terms of overall design, the Samsung Bespoke Jet AI is practically identical to the previous model, with only minor changes here and there that make a lot of sense. Firstly, the AI model now has a retractable wand that’s great if you’re a tall person.

The second tweak is to the Accessory Cradle that now has no second charging dock for the spare battery that ships with the older Bespoke Jet. That’s because the 280W AI model that’s available globally gets a bigger battery that lasts up to 100 minutes, which is quite generous compared to the 60 minutes maximum runtime you get from competing Dyson models.

Despite the bigger battery, the Bespoke Jet AI is lighter than the Dyson V15 Detect or the Dyson Gen5detect, weighing in at just 2.9kg (6.4 lbs) compared to 3.1kg (6.9 lbs) and 3.9kg (8.6 lbs) respectively for the two Dysons. In comparison, the older Bespoke Jet weighs in at 2.7kg (6 lbs).

You’d think that would make the Bespoke Jet AI a lot easier to maneuver but the Active Dual Brush doesn’t swivel very well when trying to change angles – a problem I had with the original model’s Jet Dual Brush as well and thought it was an isolated issue – clearly not. However, the Slim LED Brush and the Spraying Spinner Sweeper are easier to handle, although the speed at which the mop plates rotate can make the latter a little difficult to handle.

Both the Actual Dual Brush and the Slim LED can light up a floor or carpet as you clean and, while the white light isn’t good at highlighting dust as Dyson’s Fluffy Optic’s green light is, it’s handy when you’re trying to clean in dark corners or under furniture.

The bin canister on the handstick remains at 0.5L capacity compared to 0.77L in the Dyson V15 and Gen5detect models, but then you can quickly clean it out by just placing it on the Clean Station, which triggers an automatic empty. 

I am still a massive fan of Samsung’s Clean Station, which continues to take a 2L dust bag that’s easy to replace. Strangely, if you don’t have a new dust bag to put in immediately, the panel enclosing the space won’t close – go figure.

While most of the physical aspects remain unchanged, I found that the White Greige Bespoke Jet AI I was sent for this review had a more plasticky feel compared to the older Bespoke Jet I tested in 2022. Overall construction feels lackluster for a vacuum cleaner with a premium price tag.

• Design score: 4 / 5

Samsung Bespoke Jet AI's Dual Active Brush on a dirty tile floor

(Image credit: Sharmishta Sarkar / TechRadar)

Samsung Bespoke Jet AI review: Performance

  • More suction than a Dyson – up to 280 air watts
  • A good mop
  • Excellent battery life

When it comes to vacuuming performance, I can’t fault the Samsung Bespoke Jet AI. With a maximum of 280 air watts of suction power, this cordless vacuum cleaner outdoes the latest from Dyson by some margin, and that also means it’s a better sucker (apologies for the pun) than its predecessor too. Whether it’s hard floors or the dirtiest of high-pile carpets, the Bespoke Jet AI does a very impressive job of cleaning up a lot of dust, dirt, hair, fur and fiber. 

I put grains and cereals in its path, plus talcum powder too. It had a little trouble with larger pieces of dry food and debris only because there’s not enough clearance between the brush casing and the roller in both the LED-lit attachments, but otherwise it does a remarkable job – just like its predecessor. The only difference here is I never once had to boost suction myself.

The new dynamic suction here is fantastic. Initially I found it very annoying because the suction, and thus the noise levels, would change every few seconds, indicating that the handstick was optimizing performance for potentially every inch of floor space. That also made me realize that it was working hard to make sure I got the best clean possible.

So while I still think the "AI" part is market-speak, the sensors and algorithms that Samsung has used to automatically adjust suction and brush RPM are definitely top class.

When it comes to mopping, the Bespoke Jet AI is good, but I think the wet roller attachment for the Dyson V15s Detect Submarine does a better job of cleaning up both wet and dry spills. And it does so a lot quicker than its Samsung counterpart.

I do like the fact that the Spray Spinning Sweeper allows me to spray some water over caked-in stains before mopping them, but it takes a bit of back and forth over the stain for it to disappear. However, given there’s no way for dirty mop water to spill in the Bespoke Jet AI (as there is with the Submarine), this could be the better option for people who just need a basic mop of hard floors.

I wonder if Samsung’s AI smarts can be harnessed better to improve mopping – I think that would make the price of the Bespoke Jet AI well worth every penny even at full price.

Another aspect of a cordless vacuum cleaner’s performance is battery life and I’m glad to say that this lasts a while. Samsung promises a runtime of up to 100 minutes, which is really quite generous. I never once found the battery level dip below 50% after a full vacuum+mop session in my test space, which, to be honest, wasn’t too large – a 40sqm (430 sq ft) one-bedroom apartment. But even after two vacuum runs and a mop, I never got close to running out of battery.

And I have to talk about Samsung’s Integrated Clean Station here as well. Sure, it’s the charging dock, but it’s also got very powerful suction that pulls out every bit of dirt, dust and hair from within the handstick’s bin canister.

One of my pet peeves with Dyson’s bins are the tangled hairs around the inner metal grille filter and I have often had to stick my fingers in to get them out. That is not an issue here at all – no matter how much hair or fur you’ve cleaned up, the Clean Station’s suction removes it all. If there’s a lot and they don't all come out in go, you just press the button on the Clean Station for the auto-empty again and, voila! At most, there will be a thin layer of fine dust around the inner plastic of the bin, which can be taken apart completely and washed – filter included.

Long story short, I’m quite impressed with the Samsung Bespoke Jet AI’s performance.

• Performance score: 4.5 / 5

Samsung Bespoke Jet AI display and control buttons

(Image credit: Sharmishta Sarkar / TechRadar)

Should I buy the Samsung Bespoke Jet AI?

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Samsung Bespoke Jet AI score card
ValueIt’s priced competitively to a Dyson, but it’s a pretty expensive cordless vacuum cleaner nonetheless4/5
DesignVery little has changed in the Bespoke Jet design aesthetic, but you are still going to need space to stow the Accessory Cradle4/5
PerformanceWhen it comes to vacuuming, it’s excellent! But I think the Dyson V15s Submarine is a better mop4.5/5

Buy it if...

You need very powerful suction

With up to 280 air watts of suction power at your disposal, the Samsung Bespoke Jet AI is currently one of the most powerful cordless vacuum cleaners out there.

You don’t want to muck around with emptying a bin canister

Samsung’s Clean Station does a remarkable job of cleaning out the handstick’s bin. Holding a 2L dust bag, it can hold up to 30 days of dirt, depending on how dirty your home gets.

You want a versatile vacuum cleaner

With the ability to vacuum, mop, use as a handheld, plus coming with a bendy attachment that allows you to get under furniture easily and a telescopic wand, this could be a great option for a powerful and versatile end-to-end cleaning machine.

Don’t buy it if...

You don’t have a lot of floor space or storage

While the Clean Station doesn’t have a large footprint, you will need to stow the Accessory Cradle somewhere.

You’re on a tight budget

As good as the Bespoke Jet AI is, it’s a little hard to justify the extra cost over the previous model, which is excellent in its own right.

You want a wet-dry vacuum with good mopping capabilities

While the Bespoke Jet AI is an excellent vacuum, its mopping capabilities are just…well, OK. Nothing to write home about. I think Dyson might have the upper hand there.

Also consider

If you’d like alternatives to the Samsung Bespoke Jet AI, take a look at the below alternatives, or peruse our round-up of the best cordless vacuum cleaners for more options.

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Header Cell - Column 0 Samsung Bespoke Jet AIDyson V15s Detect SubmarineSamsung Bespoke JetShark Cordless Detect Pro with Auto-empty
Price$1,099 / £999 / AU$1,599From $949 / AU$1,549 (around £779)From $699 / £409 / AU$1,099$499 / £449 / AU$999
Bin volume0.5L0.77L0.5L0.42L
Speed settings4343
Max suction power280AW240AW230AW123AW
Max runtimeup to 100 minutesup to 60 minutesup to 60 minutesup to 60 minutes

Dyson V15s Detect Submarine
If you’re after a vacuum that can also mop, and you’re willing to spend top dollar, then the Dyson V15s Detect Submarine is a good choice. Sure, you need to be a little careful with dirty mop water spilling out as the roller gets saturated, but I think it cleans marvellously well, both vacuuming and mopping.

To learn more, read our full Dyson V15s Detect Submarine review.


Samsung Bespoke Jet
I still stand by my review of the original Bespoke Jet vacuum cleaner. It’s still powerful and its Clean Station is fantastic. You get everything from the latest Bespoke Jet AI, just without the dynamic suction, and at a lower price point.

Find out more in our in-depth Samsung Bespoke Jet review.


Shark Cordless Detect Pro with Auto Empty
We’re currently in the process of testing this cordless vacuum cleaner, but for a fraction of the price, you get an intelligent vacuum cleaner that can detect a room edge and increase suction. We’re quite impressed with it so far. It also has an auto-empty dock, but instead of using replaceable dust bags, it’s just a larger bin that you can wash out. Good for the environment, and there’s not a bit of plastic in the packaging too.

How I tested the Samsung Bespoke Jet AI

  • Used a couple of times a week for four weeks
  • Scattered dry materials to test various suction modes
  • Used the mopping head after each vacuum run

The Samsung Bespoke Jet AI's Dual Active Brush lighting up a small bit of a rug

(Image credit: Sharmishta Sarkar / TechRadar)

I was sent the Samsung Bespoke Jet AI for testing over a four-week period and, during that, I used it a couple of times a week in my own inner-city apartment. It has a mix of carpet and hard floors, so I was able to test out all the motorized cleaning tools. 

During my testing, I scattered grains like rice and cereal in the vacuum's path, plus tested its prowess by scattering fine talcum powder on a medium-pile carpet. I also dropped sauces and condiments on the kitchen floor, allowing them to dry to test the mopping capabilities.

During my time with the Bespoke Jet AI, the 2L dust bag didn’t fill up fully, but I did replace it to see how easy it is to do.

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[First reviewed December 2023]

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