Nanoleaf's early Easter sale only lasts this weekend, but its new Black Mini Triangles smart lights are here to stay

Nanoleaf Ultra Black Shapes triangle smart light panels
(Image credit: Nanoleaf)

Nanoleaf makes some of the best smart lights around, especially if you like something more creative – and now it's unveiled Ultra Black Mini Triangles as the newest additions to its Ultra Black Shapes range, as well announcing some exciting Easter offers on its other product ranges.

Keeping up Nanoleaf's modular and customization features, the new Mini Triangles continues to push the slick appearance of the Ultra Black Shapes range. Smaller in comparison to the existing Black Shapes products, Mini Triangles are designed to encourage users to explore making their colorful/deep-black RGB patterns more intricate – so they’re ideal for enhancing larger wall pieces using Nanoleaf’s broader Shapes and Lines products, or creating smaller displays. Consisting of 10 panels, the expansion pack will be available to pre-order on Nanoleaf's website for £99 / €99 (approx. $126 / AU$192), though there's no confirmed release date yet.

In addition to its design, the Ultra Black Mini Triangles expansion pack comes with the smart features that have made the Shapes range a staple product in smart lighting, including the option of Touch Controls and Screen Mirroring, making them perfect for gamers, as well as the Rhythm Music Visualizer.  

Nanoleaf Ultra Black Shapes triangle panels box and wall mount clips

(Image credit: Nanoleaf)

But Nanoleaf isn't just giving us new smart lighting – it's also offering early Easter special offers running between March 15 and March 18, 2024. So it’s the ideal opportunity to pick up some great smart lighting products from one of the leading brands. These offers are available in the UK and Europe, but not to shoppers in the US or Australia.

In its early Easter sale, you can get up to 30% off some of Nanoleaf’s most popular products from its smart lighting ranges. The standard Black Triangles starter kit has 20% off, as does the Black Hexagon starter kit – which can both be paired with the new Black Mini Triangles. 

Nanoleaf has offers on its Canvas, Elements, Essentials, and 4D ranges, but the company says the offers will end when this weekend does. You can browse the full range at Nanoleaf's website, if you're interested. 

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