Samsung says the Galaxy Ring offers up to nine days of battery life

The Samsung Galaxy Ring sitting on a pale surface
We've been given a close look at the Galaxy Ring (Image credit: Samsung)

The Samsung Galaxy Ring is in something of a launch limbo at the moment, because it officially exists, we've had some brief hands-on time with it, and yet there's still a lot we don't know about the device – like how long it's going to last between battery charges.

Speaking to FNNews (via 9to5Google), Samsung's Hon Pak said that battery life is somewhere between five and nine days, depending on how you use it – though it's worth bearing in mind that the wearable isn't quite in its finished form yet.

That sounds comparable to the week or so you get with the Oura smart ring, one of Samsung's main competitors in this product category. You won't have to charge it every night, which is handy for those sleep tracking capabilities.

Samsung is slowly telling us more and more about its Galaxy Ring. A couple of days ago, for example, we heard that the company is working to make the device compatible with a broad range of Android phones – but it won't work with the iPhone from the off.

Sleep and AI

The ring that we got to spend some time with at MWC 2024 earlier this week was a non-functioning prototype, which gives you an idea of where Samsung is up to in terms of the development. We've got a good idea of what it looks like, at least.

What Samsung has told us is quite a bit about what the Galaxy Ring is designed to do: to track your sleep in a more intelligent and less obtrusive way than a smartwatch, for example, and to crunch stats to assess physical and mental readiness.

A lot of the legwork will be done by AI, and though the Galaxy Ring obviously doesn't have a display of its own, everything gets synced to the Samsung Health app on your phone (assuming you have an Android phone, of course).

Based on everything we've heard so far, our best guess is that the Galaxy Ring will launch in full sometime in July at an Unpacked event – alongside the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 6, the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 6, and the Samsung Galaxy Watch 7.

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