#SundayReset – why changing your bed sheets is a surprising TikTok wellness trend

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It's Sunday, 3pm, when it hits you: in just a few hours the weekend will be over. You probably want to hide under the covers and pretend it's Saturday morning again, but is the better solution for the so-called Sunday Scaries actually to grab those covers, strip the bed, and get cleaning?

Regular sheet changes are essential to keeping your best mattress and best pillow in tip-top shape, and Sunday afternoon might be the perfect time to wash and change your bedding. "By doing it at this time, you can distract yourself from any negative feelings and, instead, experience the positive outcomes of a tidy space," explains Martin Seeley, sleep expert and CEO at Mattress Next Day.

Known on TikTok as the Sunday Reset, this weekend clean helps banish the Sunday Scaries – the looming stress of going back to work. And Martin thinks he’s nailed the exact time to switch your bedding: 3pm. “The optimal time for a Sunday reset of your bedroom is between 3-5 pm," he says, "aligning with the period when people typically experience Sunday blues.” Here’s what you need to do...


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Why change your bedding on Sunday afternoon?

“Cleaning your bedroom and changing your sheets on a Sunday is recommended as this is known by many as the wind-down day of the weekend,” says Martin. He explains that opting for a Sunday reset leaves Saturday free for socializing while ensuring you start the new week without chores lingering over your head. “There's nothing worse than going into a new week with a long to-do list.”

This Sunday declutter can help you sleep for a few reasons. First, you won't lie awake stressing over all the cleaning you meant to do over the weekend, but never got round to. Beyond that, those fresh sheets themselves might also help you drift off. “A study from The National Sleep Foundation found that people sleep better when their bedrooms are comfortable and tidy,” explains Martin. “Starting each week with a fresh and clean bedroom can improve your sleep."

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“You must get the best rest before the start of your week, without disrupting your circadian rhythm. Any disruptions can cause sleep disturbances that can impact your cognitive function,” says Martin. By completing your Sunday Reset, you set yourself up for a more productive Monday and a better week overall.

And the good news is, your Sunday Refresh starts off with the simplest step: let your mattress breathe. “Once a week, you should be pulling back your bedding and letting your mattress air,” says Martin. “This gives your mattress the chance to spring back into shape, whilst evaporating any excess moisture.”

Start your Sunday cleaning by doing nothing? That’s just what I like to hear. Then when the Sunday Scaries hit mid-afternoon, move on to cleaning your headboard, then fluff your pillows, and change your bedding. A quick spot-clean should keep you bed looking fresh, but once every six months, it’s time to deep clean your mattress.

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With your bed refreshed and your mind successfully distracted, you can enjoy the rest of your evening, satisfied with a job well done. You might even look forward to going to bed on Sunday night – who doesn’t get excited about curling up with fresh sheets?

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