Leesa Studio mattress review

This Leesa mattress is simple, affordable and sturdy

Leesa Studio mattress
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The Leesa Studio is an affordable memory foam mattress with a simple, lightweight and sturdy design. The firm feel means it's best suited to back and stomach sleepers – many side sleepers will find it a bit too firm. I also found it could trap body heat, so those who run warm should look elsewhere. Strong motion isolation will appeal to bed-sharers and light sleepers, though.


  • +

    Supportive for back or stomach sleepers

  • +

    Absorbs movements well

  • +

    Lightweight and easy to move


  • -

    A bit firm for side sleepers

  • -

    Lacks support for those >200lbs

  • -

    Sleeps hot

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Leesa Studio mattress: two-minute review

Leesa is a major player in online mattress retailers. The Leesa Studio mattress is its most affordable option, and has a simple design: it's 10 inches tall and contains three layers of different foams. I slept on a king size Studio for three weeks, as well as running a series of tests, to see how it compares to the rest of the best mattresses on the market. 

Many customer reviews rate the mattress as a moderately firm feel, and I agree – it's around an 8 out of 10 on firmness. Although the mattress begins with a top layer of memory foam, don't expect to sink in and have your body enveloped in the foam. There is some contouring, but when I press down on the mattress with my hand, the mattress snaps back into form in about a half second. 

Not to say that it's like sleeping on the floor – it's still comfortable – but having tested several mattresses over the years from brands like Purple, GhostBed, Saatva, Brooklyn Bedding and others, this is the firmest mattress I've experienced. I found that sleeping on my side on this mattress led to a build-up of pressure in my shoulder, and I expect that will be the case for most side-sleepers.

However, the firmer feel makes it a great choice for those who sleep on their back and stomach, and it might also work well for those suffering from back pain. For context, I used to be a stomach sleeper, but eventually had to switch to sleeping on my side due to lower back pain. When I laid on my stomach for extended periods of time on the Leesa Studio, I didn't experience any of that familiar pain. For me, it's amongst the best mattresses for back pain.

There are a couple of caveats to that. Because it's fairly thin, it probably won't suit those who weigh over 200lbs, and I also had issues with it running warm. If you're a naturally hot sleeper, the Studio won't work for you. Read on for my full Leesa Studio mattress review. 

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ComfortFirm feel with minimal contouring.N/A
ValueThe most affordable Leesa available, and lower mid-range overall.4/5
Design10" tall mattress with three foams. No handles. 4/5
TemperaturePoor. I regularly found myself getting hot at night.2/5
Motion isolation Absorbs movements well, good for bed-sharers.4/5
Edge supportAcceptable but not amazing.3.5/5
Customer experienceFree standard delivery, upgrades available. 10 year warranty, 100 day trial.4/5

Leesa Studio mattress review: price & value for money

  • The cheapest Leesa mattress, and lower mid-range overall
  • Rarely sold at MSRP – expect 25% off
  • Free pillows usually bundled in

The Studio is the cheapest mattress in the Leesa range, but it sits in the lower-mid range price bracket overall. That's based on the regular discounts, because you'll never really pay full MSRP at Leesa. Expect around 25 per cent off, with two free pillows. Here's the pricing for the main sizes when you buy direct from Leesa:

  • Twin size: MSRP $549 (usually sold at $412)
  • Full size: MSRP $699 (usually sold at $524)
  • Queen size: MSRP $799 (usually sold at $599)
  • King size: MSRP $999 (usually sold at $749)

We'd always recommend buying direct from the brand wherever possible, to make customer service easier. However, the Studio is also available via the Leesa Amazon store. Pricing will usually be the same but it's worth double-checking before you buy, to make sure you're not missing a bargain.

All-foam mattresses tend to be the most affordable mattress type, which means there's tough competition in this price bracket. The top two models in our best memory foam mattress ranking both generally cost around $699 for the queen size. Read about those in our Nectar mattress review and Cocoon Chill mattress review

Mattress sales happen all year round, but many brands increase their discounts around national holidays. Particularly good times to shop include the Presidents' Day mattress sales in February, the Memorial Day mattress sales in May, the 4th of July mattress sales, the Labor Day mattress sales in September, and of course the Black Friday mattress deals at the end of November.

Leesa Studio mattress

(Image credit: Leesa)

Leesa Studio mattress review: design & materials

  • 10-inch tall memory foam mattress with three layers of foam 
  • Lightweight for a mattress, king weighs only 83lbs 
  • Cover has a zip but shouldn't be removed; no handles

The design of the Leesa Studio is simple but effective. Inside of the soft, removable mattress cover is three layers of foam. At 10 inches tall, it's on the thinner side, and also pretty lightweight. The king-sized mattress that I tested only weighs 83lbs. For reference, a king-size Purple mattress weighs 120lbs. So, if you ever need to move the mattress from one bedroom to another, or from one home to another, it won't be too heavy to deal with. 

Exploded diagram showing internal layers of Leesa Studio mattress

(Image credit: Leesa)

All three layers of foam are CertiPUR-US certified. This means the foam was tested by a third-party to ensure that no harmful chemicals are present in the foam and that it meets durability standards to last the lifetime of the mattress. Inside of the mattress cover begins with a 1.5 inch layer of memory foam. This layer is designed to provide a sink-in contouring feeling. Below the initial memory foam is another 1.5 inch layer of responsive foam. This is an airy foam designed to help dissipate heat and keep you cool during your sleep. 

Close up of the corner of the Leesa Studio mattress

(Image credit: Future)

Finally, a 4-inch layer of base foam provides the support for the mattress. Essentially this provides firmness and stability, so you don't simply sink through the top layers into the platform, which wouldn't be comfortable at all.

The look of the cover is recognizable, clean, and modern, making it look appealing standing alone on laundry days when it's time to wash bedding. There is a zipper, so you could take the cover off, but Leesa doesn't recommend it. Adding one of the best mattress protectors is always a good idea, anyway. Overall, it's a simple bed design that's lightweight and easy to move around, even though the mattress doesn't have any handles.

  • Design score: 4 out of 5

Leesa Studio mattress review: comfort & support

  • Most comfortable on back or stomach sleeping positions
  • Light sink in, returns back to form in about half a second 
  • May be too firm for side sleepers

When you scroll through the purchased views on Leesa's website, virtually the only complaint about the mattress is that it is more firm than people expected. I can say that's exactly what my wife and I experienced after sleeping on the bed for a few weeks. I would rate the firmness an 8 out of 10. Leesa rates the mattress as a medium/moderately firm mattress, which is about on-par with my assessment, and the assessment of many customers. Compared to the mattress we were previously sleeping on – a pillow-top, spring mattress – the Studio is a much firmer feel, and it took a few nights for our bodies to adjust.

When I placed a 25lb weight and in the middle of the bed, it sank in roughly 1.5-inches. The mattress returns to form about a half second after the weight is removed. I had two others try out the mattress, and they, like me, reported a responsive feel with minimal sink and just a tiny bit of contouring. 

Leesa Studio with weight on it to show sinkage

(Image credit: Future)

I weigh about 155lbs and I used to sleep on my stomach, but with my old mattress, I had to switch to my side because stomach sleeping was causing lower back pain. When I lie on my side for too long on the Leesa Studio, I wake up with a sore shoulder. My wife, who is much smaller than me, has the same issue; both of us have noticed that even if we fall asleep on our sides on this mattress, we end up on our backs by the time we wake up. A third member of my testing panel, who weighs just north of 200lbs, also found the mattress to be too firm, and lacking in pressure relief, especially when they laid on their side.

The best mattresses for side sleepers tend to be a bit softer, and often come with higher levels of contouring, to prevent pressure building up in the shoulder. The Leesa Studio doesn't offer enough contouring for most side sleepers.

Leesa Studio mattress with reviewer sleeping on his side on it

(Image credit: Future)

However, it's pretty well suited to back and stomach sleepers. Generally, these positions require a medium-firm or firm mattress, to keep the sleeper's back supported and prevent the pelvis from dropping too far into the surface and putting strain on the spine. 

Even though I generally try and avoid rolling onto my stomach because of my back, while testing the Leesa Studio mattress I found myself getting comfortable again on my stomach, and without back pain. On my old mattress, when I would lay on my stomach, I could feel my back starting to bark within a couple minutes. On the Leesa Studio, there is plenty of lower back support to keep your lower back/stomach from sinking in and causing pressure that leads to discomfort or pain. (If you like the sound of a sturdy sleep surface and want to see what else is out there, our best firm mattress guide rounds up our favorite options.)

Leesa Studio mattress review: performance

  • Does not dissipate heat well 
  • Negates some motion transfer
  • Slightly more sink on edge compared to center

I slept on the Leesa Studio mattress for three weeks during the coldest month of the year in northern Utah (January), with lows in the teens (Fahrenheit). During this time, I tested the mattress following TechRadar's mattress testing methodology. Read on to find out how this mattress performed.

Temperature regulation

I am a hot sleeper and my wife is a cold sleeper; I go to bed in gym shorts while she is fully clothed in bed. I found, even in the dead of northern Utah's coldest month, that I was getting hot at night. My wife did as well, saying that she didn't feel the need to 'layer up' before she went to bed anymore. 

Leesa Studio mattress with hand resting on it

(Image credit: Future)

In short, this bed is not ideal for heat dissipation. Living in a dry climate that is especially cold right now, it makes me skeptical that I would be comfortable come summertime on this mattress. 

  • Temperature regulation score: 2 out of 5

Motion isolation

One of my biggest complaints about my normal mattress, which is a spring mattress, is motion transfer. Our 50 pound dog sleeps with us (don't judge me), and I can feel every micro-adjustment he makes in the bed. The Leesa Studio all but eliminates that problem. My wife also mentioned she no longer feels when I get up to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night. 

Leesa Studio mattress with weight and cup, showing motion transfer testing

(Image credit: Future)

For an objective idea of how well this mattress isolates motion, I used a travel mug and dropped a 25lb weight from about 6 inches onto the mattress at varying distances away from the mug to measure motion transfer. Once the weight was about 9 inches away from the mug, the mug stopped falling over. 

  • Motion isolation score: 4.5 out of 5

Edge support

Edge support is important for those who have trouble getting in and out of bed. A mattress that doesn't have proper edge support will be more difficult to climb in and out of – you might feel as though the bed is sinking and you're sliding out.

Leesa Studio with weight on it to show edge sinkage

(Image credit: Future)

I placed my 25lb weight on the edge of the bed to measure the sinkage. Remember, the middle of the bed recorded roughly 1.5 inches of sinkage. On the edge of the bed, the sinkage recorded was closer to 2 inches. When I sat on the edges of the bed I felt myself slightly sliding out of the bed. I do still feel supported – the bed isn't collapsing under my weight – but there is definitely a bit more give. When I lay on the edge of the mattress, I don't feel any sensations of rolling off. Edge sleepers shouldn't be concerned about rolling out of bed, and getting in and out of bed wasn't difficult, although there was a little more give than expected. 

  • Edge support score: 3.5 out of 5

Leesa Studio mattress review: customer experience

  • Free standard delivery to doorstep
  • In-home setup and old mattress removal available for a fee
  • Standard 100 day free trial and 10 year limited warranty 

You can request at checkout in-home delivery and old mattress removal. In-home delivery and setup costs an extra $159, while adding old mattress removal bumps it up to $199. All you need to do is ensure the bedding is removed from your old bed and the delivery company will either donate or dispose of the mattress sustainably.

Without those add-ons, the Leesa Studio arrived on my front doorstep rolled up, wrapped in plastic and boxed. Since the king mattress is lightweight and only weighs 83lbs, it was quick and easy for two people to move the mattress to the bed.

Leesa Studio mattress wrapped in plastic, vacuum-packed, on bed frame

(Image credit: Future)

Once the mattress was on the bed, I unrolled several layers of plastic and the mattress started to expand even before all of the plastic was fully removed. The mattress seemed to be fully expanded after only 10 minutes or so. Once fully expanded, there is a slight plastic-like smell, but that smell was mostly masked by the fitted sheet, and completely unnoticeable after a day or two.

Leesa Studio mattress in reviewer's bedroom

(Image credit: Future)

Leesa offers a 100-day trial period and a 10 year limited warranty on the Leesa Studio. This is considered industry standard in terms of trials and warranties (some brands, like Nectar, are more generous, and give you a full year's trial and forever warranty). In order to be eligible for a return, you must have the mattress for at least 30 days, but no longer than 100. Leesa will encourage you to donate the mattress to a charity, but if that is not an option, you can call its return phone number and begin the return process. There are no fees associated with returns unless you live in Alaska or Hawaii, in which a $100 return fee is included.

  • Customer service score: 4 out of 5

Leesa Studio mattress specs

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MaterialsMemory foam, other foams
CoverKnit material, xxxxx removable and machine washable
Firmness (1-10)Officially 'medium firm', we rate 8
Height10 inches
Trial period100 nights
Warranty10 years
Price bracketLower mid range
Queen priceMSRP $799 (usually sold at $638)
SizesTwin, twin XL, full, queen, king, Cal king
DeliveryFree standard delivery, $159 for in home setup (rising to $199 to include old mattress removal)
ReturnsFree ($100 fee for Hawaii or Alaska)

Leesa Studio mattress: other reviews

When it comes to customer reviews, the majority of the people are pleased with the purchase. You'll find a lot of 'best night sleep ever' from a number of user reviews on Amazon or Leesa's website. 

As I alluded to previously, the user reviews on the Leesa website provide an overall 4.2 star rating based on 58 reviews. The main culprit of complaints is the firmness of the mattress. Many users claim that it's firmer than the 'medium firm' rating provided by Leesa. Even users who left positive, four-star ratings leave comments noting the firmness of the mattress. 

At time of writing (Feb 2024), the mattress had received a 4.4 out of 5 star average rating on Amazon. Again, many of the most common complaints are about the firmness of the mattress, or if you are heavier than 200lbs, the mattress may not be supportive enough. I also found other reviews that mentioned the mattress being ideal for users under 200lbs. I did also find a few mentions of users accounting for the mattress sleeping hot. I had a similar experience, as noted above, and it appears other users second those experiences.

Leesa Studio mattress in reviewer's bedroom

(Image credit: Future)

Should you buy the Leesa Studio mattress?

Buy it if...

✅ You're a back / stomach sleeper: The firm (8 out of 10) feel makes this a good choice for those who like to lie on their back or stomach. These positions require a sturdier feel, to keep the pelvis supported and ensure 

You suffer from back pain: While my usual, softer mattress can aggravate my  lower back pain when lying on my stomach, I didn't have that issue when testing out the Leesa Studio. I think that's down to the firmer, more supportive feel. 

You're a cold sleeper: Heat retention is often considered a bad thing with mattresses, but my wife – who is a cold sleeper – found the fact that this mattress retains body heat was a benefit. It meant she didn't need to bundle up at night.

You share a bed: The Studio does a good job of absorbing movements on its surface, which makes it a strong choice for bed-sharers, especially if they're easily disturbed at night. 

Don't buy it if...

❌ You are a hot sleeper: If you're searching for a mattress to help keep you cool at night, the Leesa Studio may not be for you. I found it ran warm at night. TechRadar's best cooling mattress guide has plenty of alternative options – the top rated one is the Purple mattress, which I also tested and was the coolest mattress I've ever slept on. 

You are a heavier (200lbs+) person: There are many user reviews across the web that mention that this bed isn't supportive enough for heavier individuals. Something like the DreamCloud Hybrid mattress might be a better choice, or if you weight 250lbs or more, consider something built especially for bigger bodies – TechRadar's guide to the best mattresses for heavy people has our top picks.  

You are a side sleeper: Everyone who slept on the Studio for this review has issues with pressure building up in their shoulder when lying on their side. Something more contouring, such as the Nectar Memory Foam mattress, will be a better fit for most side sleepers. 

How I tested the Leesa Studio mattress

I slept on the Leesa Studio mattress for three weeks during the coldest month of the year in northern Utah. Utah has a dry climate and during my testing, the lows were in the teens with highs in the 30s (fahrenheit). I used our normal bedding, which for us, consists of a mattress cover and comforter (my wife nor I sleep under a sheet). The bed was occupied every night by me, my wife, and our three-year-old, 50lb Aussiedoodle. 

Standardized testing included sinkage testing, where I placed a 25 pound weight in the middle of the bed and measured how much the mattress sunk. For edge support, I placed the same weight on the edge and end of the bed and measured how much the mattress sunk. For motion transfer, I placed a travel mug on the bed and dropped the 25 pound weight from varying distances to see how well the mattress eliminates motion transfer.

Read more about how we test

  • First reviewed: Feb 2024
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