Pining for Only Murders in the Building? Here are 6 twisty mysteries to tide you over

Martin Short, Steve Martin and Selena Gomez peep round a door in Only Murders in the building season 2
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Are you missing Only Murders in the Building and the murder-solving trio of Charles-Haden Savage, “Bloody” Mabel Mora, and Oliver Putnam? Well, we’ve got a list of six alternatives that will aim to fulfil that space in your life while you await season 3, which is set to arrive in August 2023

Sure, they may not have their own podcasts, but there’s plenty of other mysteries to be solved that offer the same wit, humour, and puzzle prowess that Only Murders in the Building has to offer.

Hulu’s popular comedy-drama has already produced two successful seasons and they’ve confirmed they’re coming back for season 3. So far, viewers have enjoyed the whimsy, laughs, and murder solving of the three strangers turned firm friends of the fictional Arconia - an upper West Side apartment block of riches and luxury. Unfortunately, the wealth of the Arconia has not stopped the turmoils of disappearances, stabbings, and lies that have rocked the opulent complex. 

If you’re yet to stream it or fancy watching it all over again, here’s how to watch Only Murders in the Building online. But if you’re here to discover some shows that will fill the hole that has been left in the meantime, then scroll down below and see what murders lay waiting. 

Search Party

watch search party season 4 online

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HBO's Search Party is a dark comedy centered around the lives of four self-absorbed twenty-somethings who decide it’s their duty to solve the case of one of their missing college acquaintances. So, like Only Murders, they’re setting out to answer a potential murder mystery and they’re also doing it to the backdrop of New York City. Unlike Only Murders, we’ve got a friendship group full of strictly millennial characters with the show directing its full gaze at the dark comedy genre.

There’s actually five seasons that end up branch out from the initial murder mystery focus of season one. So, the similarities between the shows runs thin quickly, but if you’re a fan of Only Murders, you may well enjoy the search for a missing young woman and the events and storylines that unravel around it. 

Where can I stream it?

HBO Max (US), Premium Rental (UK), Stan (AU)



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With a similar IMDb rating to that of Only Murders comes iconic comedy-mystery series, Castle. Running from 2009 to 2016, it precedes that of Only Murders but the similarities are there if you’re looking for murder-solving puzzles. 

Crime novelist Richard Castle, played by Nathan Fillion, finds himself embroiled in a hunt for a serial killer who is using his books as inspiration for copycat murders across New York. 

His help is quickly enlisted by the NYPD to help solve the cases piling up across New York and Castle is asked to reflect on his own workings to help figure out who and why someone is committing these crimes. Much like Only Murders, there’s a focus on obsessively creating popular culture through the tales of murder. But in Castle, it’s all about working backwards in that his murders are the popular culture that have somehow influenced others to commit real-crime. 

Where can I stream it?

Hulu (US), Disney Plus (UK, AU)



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Another truly iconic series of mystery solving worth considering, if you haven’t already, is that of 2002’s Monk. Each character in Only Murders has their own personality traits that play into the way they solve their crimes, from Oliver Putnam’s sway for dramatics to Charles-Haden Savage’s acting prowess. For Monk, played by The Marvelous Mrs Maisel's Tony Shalhoub, his battle with OCD ties in with his new career as a private investigator after he abruptly leaves his position at the San Francisco Police Department.

He’s afraid of over 300 things which at times, of course, hinders his detective skills. But they are also what aid him to spot things others may not. Such as having a great memory and paying very close attention to detail when it’s crucial to a case. 

Over 125 episodes, Monk demonstrates both humour and necessary wit in solving cases that may otherwise have remained unsolved. Like Only Murders, you’ll also be treated to some great guest appearances dotted throughout the show including but not limited to Snoop Dogg, Stanley Tucci, and Sarah Silverman.

Where can I stream it?

Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency 

Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency

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From Douglas Adams, creator of The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy writer, this BBC America drama is the tale of holistic detective, Dirk Gently. 

This sci-fi twist on solving mysteries sees the eccentric Dirk, played by Samuel Barnett, accompanied by his less-than-impressed sidekick, Todd, played by Elijah Wood. Dirk believes everything in the world is interconnected and chooses to follow fate, rather than use any real detective skills, to solve crimes.

Whilst he embarks on solving these unusual misdeeds in unusual ways, he’s also on the run from a holistic assassin, Bart, who believes she must fulfil her own destiny of eliminating Dirk. It’s all a bit kooky in nature, but that rings true as also being the beauty of Only Murders in the Building making them a whimsical pair of distantly-related whodunnit shows.

Where can I stream it?

Hulu (US), Netflix (UK, AU)

Bored to Death

Bored to Death

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A writer pretending to be a private investigator by offering his services on Craigslist. What could go wrong? 

For Jonathan Ames, played by Jason Schwartzman, in HBO’s Bored to Death, it turns out quite a bit. Much like Only Murders, Jonathan is joined by two friends of varying ages on his idiosyncratic adventures - Ray, played by Zach Galifianakis and George, played by Ted Danson. An impressive cast list in its own right.

What ensues is dark mystery littered with fun, light-hearted moments of friendship. And if that sounds up your street, it’s because you’ll have experienced the very same in Only Murders in the Building. Funnily enough, that’s why we’re recommending it. Unfortunately, the show was cancelled after three seasons, but there’s still 24 episodes to stream now each with their own rich storyline.

Where can I stream it?


The Afterparty

Cast of The Afterparty

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A high school reunion afterparty turns dark after a shocking murder takes place. And in Apple TV Plus' aptly-named, The Afterparty, all eight episodes follow this one fateful night from different character’s perspectives in a bid to piece together the mystery. The search for the murdered is led by Detective Danner, played by Tiffany Haddish, hellbent on solving the puzzle that night.

With its different views on the same tale, it bears resemblance to Only Murders in the Building as well as being a great show to watch for anyone interested in solving a mystery that will undoubtedly keep you guessing until the very end. 

Where can I stream it?

Apple TV Plus (Worldwide)

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