HyperX CES Personalization line will make my desk space worth tricking out again

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HyperX is well known for its high-quality gaming accessories like headsets, keyboards, mice, webcams, and more. However, the company has been clearly thinking out of the box for its brand-new HyperX Personalization, which takes the often standardized designs and colors of regular gaming accessories and turns them on their head.

Items such as plant and animal-themed keycaps, skull and bunny headset holders, a dragon desk statue, and brightly colored mice and keyboards are just a few of the offering shown to us during the pre-CES 2023 event I attended. Seeing such frankly cool and cute accessories marketed for gamers was such a breath of fresh air. 

According to the representative, there are even more releases planned for this year and beyond. The keycaps will be seeing slow releases with some as limited editions, which should definitely drive up interest and demand. It’ll be exciting to see what new ideas HyperX will come up with for its Personalization line.

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Where did gaming accessories go wrong?

Since gaming accessories became popular and more mainstream, they’ve unfortunately suffered the effects of “gamer aesthetic,” which tends to be black with the occasional highlight color. And forget about unique and off-beat designs as sleekness and practicality are prized over everything else.

And it’s downright puzzling how very few companies have truly challenged the notion that all gamers want are dark and boring color palettes. It’s been an issue since the mid-2000s at least and yet here we are still trapped by lack of imagination. And as a lover of everything both cool and cute, it’s difficult to find products and accessories that suit my taste and bring some much needed flamboyance to my work space.

And I’m not the only one, either. This catering to an audience that no longer exists in such high demand excludes a non-insignificant market who may be looking for the weird, different, and adorable. Accessories with personality and distinctiveness, that immediately attract attention and make your desk space feel more personalized. 

What the HyperX personalization line aims to fix

As I checked out the various products under the HyperX Personalization line, I found that each of them offered something that very few gaming accessories had: personality. The accessories weren’t made to be the most sleek or stylish but instead were unapologetically cute and cool and even gaudy.

There was a keyboard outfitted with rubber ducky and frog keycaps draped in loud and bright colors. The same could be said for the various keyboards and mice shown to us, which were neon pink or black with a dragon keycap and flesh-colored space bar. I also saw several mic and gaming headset holders, which included a bunny, a skeleton, and a toadstool. Tiny unicorns adorned the desk, along with a large dragon statue.

They were all 3D-printed and yet clearly of good-quality and there was such a nice range of products depending on the aesthetic you’re going for. Or you’re open to mix and match whichever items you choose, so feel free to have that cute bunny next to the badass skull and have the frog keycaps next to the dragon ones.

toadstool mic holder

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Why I fell in love with it

This was the most excited I’ve been in a long time for gaming accessories, and the best part is that none of them are practical in the slightest. They take up tons of space and are bulker and big against the keyboard. But being able to trick out my gaming space in such a vibrant and downright fun manner brings a level of joy I rarely feel while checking out the latest products.

I, for one, cannot wait for this HyperX Personalization to drop. And, like many others looking for a fun and fabulous new set piece for their work and play desk, will be grabbing as many duckie and frog keycaps while hanging my Razer headset on a bunny holder sitting next to my new dragon statue.

Allisa James
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