We’re not blowing hot air: grab a Philips air fryer for 45% off

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Who doesn’t enjoy a crispy meal? Right now, if you want to pick up a Philips air fryer, Amazon has you covered with a total saving of 45% off. This model of the Philips Air Fryer Premium has seen a historical low of AU$209, so there’s a chance that as we get closer to Black Friday we’ll see it drop even more but, with no guarantees, you might really want to consider this offer if you’ve been keen on a good kitchen companion.

Philips often has entries in our best air fryers currently on the market, and while we’ve yet to test this Premium model, we have tried out the Philips XXL Air Fryer. We thought the larger one was pretty good, so we imagine the smaller model also keeps up to Philip’s high quality. If you don’t trust us, then take a look at the 78% of users giving it a 5-star rating on Amazon.

In terms of design, the Premium Air Fryer shares some similarities with the XXL, like a glossy black case with a digital display so you can adjust the settings to exactly what you want. With a convenient handle to easily load and unload your food, it’s a convenient design for anyone looking to whip up a quick and low-fat meal. This particular Philips Air Fryer Premium has a 0.8kg capacity, so it’s ideal for a single person or a couple. 

Air frying has really taken off in the last few years, so it’s a great gift to convert someone to the better option that does away with oil. With Christmas coming soon, it might even be worth considering as a gift for someone special. These gadgets simply use hot air to crisp up your delectable delights, giving you a healthier option for the foods you enjoy.

Philips Air Fryer Premium (HD9742/93) AU$449 AU$249 from Amazon

Philips Air Fryer Premium (HD9742/93) | AU$449 AU$249 from Amazon (save AU$200)

While we’ve seen it a little cheaper before, grabbing this Philips Air Fryer Premium for only AU$249 will net you a big saving – a total of 45% off its RRP! Featuring a digital display, a 0.8kg capacity and an easy to clean design, this air fryer will have you cooking up crispy treats in no time – hardly any oil needed.

• This offer is also available to customers in New Zealand too, though you’ll need to pay for shipping.

The deal on this smaller model is fantastic, and while there is a small saving on the Philips XXL Air Fryer currently available (15% off or AU$535 apiece), it might be worth holding out for a little longer if you’d like one of the best air fryers money can buy. There is a good chance that Black Friday will see the XXL drop down to more than 20% off, saving you a decent chunk of change. We’ve seen this one drop to around AU$470 very frequently ,and with a historical low of AU$440.

Picking up the XXL version will give you a 1.4kg capacity, so it’s a better option for larger families or if you enjoy having your mates around. With holiday parties on the horizon, this one is perfect for the host who wants to serve up delicious food without too much hassle. 

In the meantime, the XXL version of the above Premium model is also going cheap, albeit just 21% off, but a great option for families thanks to its 1.4kg capacity.

Philips XXL Air FryerPremiumAU$499AU$395 from Amazon

Philips XXL Air Fryer Premium | AU$499 AU$395 from Amazon (save AU$104)

21% off is a nice little deal, so if you want to pick one up now you’ll save AU$104. If you don’t mind holding out, as we approach Black Friday we could see the price dropping even lower. With this one, you get a whopping 1.4kg capacity, digital display in a convenient and easy to clean design that fits within any kitchen, if you have the space – this one is a bit bulky.

• This offer is also available to customers in New Zealand too, with free shipping thrown in.

Whether as a gift for someone this holiday season, or to add to your own kitchen, either of these air fryers is a good option for someone who wants to enjoy an easy-to-prepare warm meal.

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