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Apple Watch Cyber Monday deals live: Watch 7, SE and 3 sales into Wednesday

Cyber Monday might be over, but some of the deals live on

Apple Watch 7

(Image credit: Future)

Although Cyber Monday was two days ago, we're still seeing some top Apple Watch deals lingering around - clearly retailers are desperate to unload stock of some of the more popular Apple smartwatch models.

These Cyber Monday Apple Watch deals will help you save modest amounts on some of the popular wearables - few of the sales present huge savings, but there are a few worth noting.

Admittedly, lots of these Apple Watch deals have sold out, or were just taken offline since it's not actually Cyber Monday anymore. But stock has lasted on enough versions of the Apple Watch for this live blog still to be important.

If you want the latest Apple Watch, then check out Amazon's discount on the Watch Series 7 below. 

But there are also good offers at the more budget end, with the Watch SE and Watch Series 3 both available with generous discounts. We're still updating this Cyber Monday live blog with the latest stock checks and offers, so stick around to find all of the latest deals that are still running post-Cyber Monday.

Cyber Monday Apple Watch deals: US

Cyber Monday Apple Watch deals: UK

Today's best US Apple Watch deals

Today's best UK Apple Watch deals


Ahoy-hoy, thanks for dropping in to TechRadar's Apple Watch deals live blog, where we'll - shockingly - be talking you through the next couple of days of smartwatch deals.

There are a variety of Apple Watch deals you can pick up right now (you can see the highlights at the top of this page, which we'll be constantly curating) and we'll be talking you through all of them through until the end of Cyber Monday, when the sweet embrace of sleep will engulf us, possibly for all eternity.

First up, the Cyber Monday Apple Watch deals in the US and UK have been across the whole range of devices. We've seen offers on the oldest commonly available version, which is the Apple Wach 3.

The price has dropped to just $169 at Best Buy right now, which is down from $199 most times of the year. You've missed a very brief deal that allowed you to get it for just $109, but stock moved so quickly for that it was almost impossible to grab.

In the UK, we've also seen the Apple Watch 3 hit its lowest ever price at £169 down from £199 on Amazon right now. Don't expect to see the price drop much lower than that, and we can't imagine you'll see a cheaper Apple Watch deal this Cyber Monday.

Apple Watch 7 on a bed of stones.

The Apple Watch 7 (Image credit: Future)

The biggest Apple Watch shaped surprise this Black Friday deals period is the Apple Watch Series 7 has been discounted. It's not by a lot, but you can still pick up the latest smartwatch from the company at its lowest price ever.

That's down to $380 from $400 in the US, while those in the UK can get it for just £349 when it's normally £369. If you want the absolute latest and greatest from Apple, this is going to be the best price you'll find this year.

An Apple Watch 7 (45mm) on the left and an Apple Watch 6 (44mm) on the right

An Apple Watch 7 (45mm) on the left and an Apple Watch 6 (44mm) on the right (Image credit: TechRadar)

Why would you want the Apple Watch 7? If you own an Apple Watch 6,  you likely won't find it useful to upgrade to this new smartwatch. TechRadar's Global Editor in Chief, Gareth Beavis, said this smartwatch is "basically the Watch 6 with a slightly larger screen and the ability to charge faster".

He did note that the new colors are exciting for some people, but otherwise this is a remarkably similar smartwatch. So why would you want it? That larger screen is a big selling point for some people.

Beavis said, "The larger screen does allow for more features – for instance, you can see more of your messages or have a larger surface area for bigger buttons to tap. Apple also thinks this extra display space means it’s time to add a keyboard to the Watch – and we have to say we found it pretty easy to peck out messages on the Watch 7 (although dictation was just as good, and less fiddly)."

Don't think the Apple Watch 7 is neccessary? Can I recommend you check out the Apple Watch 6? It'll be cheaper this Cyber Monday, and we've seen $50 off the new smartwatch today

Those in the UK get a far better deal, where the smartwatch has dropped to £309 for the 44mm GPS version.  For the rest of this year, that version has cost £409 so you're getting a £100 saving this Sunday or on Cyber Monday.

Finally, there's also a deal onthe Apple Watch 6 with cellular support. The 44mm version normally costs £509, but a top deal on the smartwatch allows you to get £110 off that means it only costs £399 right now.

Let's take a brief break from the best Apple Watch deals to give you some more options for Apple upgrades this year. If you're looking for a new Apple gadget, we have a guide to the best Cyber Monday Apple deals.

In the UK? Here are a pick of our favorite deals today:

We've just launched our Apple AirPods Cyber Monday live blog, if you're looking for a new pair of headphones. Head over to hear from my colleague (and TechRadar's Audio and Music Editor) Olivia Tambini as she talks you through the best AirPod products you can buy today.

I predict she will also be making lots of pet references. Expect at least two pictures of Golden Retrievers wearing AirPods Pro Max before the day is over.

Like, seriously... We left her in charge of the Amazon live blog a few days ago, and this photo ended up appearing on in a matter of moments. 


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Apple Watch 5 CM deal

(Image credit: Apple)

Back to the Apple Watch deals, and one of the biggest surprises this Black Friday has been a deal on the Apple Watch 5. This smartwatch is no longer readily available from Apple, but it is from other retailers.

This is a top-end deal with an Apple Watch 5 in its 44mm form (that's the largest version) with mobile connectivity for just $459. It's down from $749 RRP, which means you can save $290.

Sadly, we haven't found an equivelant deal in the UK. We'll keep our eyes peeled for older models over the next 36 hours.

Tomorrow is your last day to pick up an Apple Watch over the sales period, so if you don't see anything you like during today's best deals in this live blog we'd recommend checking it out again tomorrow for more details.

More retailers may introduce deals on the Apple Watch in the next 24 hours, but it's hard to say for certain whether there will be further discounts. It's an unpredictable year for deals, especially as stock on some Apple products is particularly limited.

We haven't seen it have a huge impact on Apple Watch products so far, but tomorrow would be the time when we'd expect stock to be become limited (if it does at all).

It's time to talk about buy one get one free. I don't particularly think that's the best sort of deal for gadgets like an Apple Watch. I'd much prefer a half price Apple Watch, as I don't have any use for two.

However, if you have a family member that you want to gift one to you may find this is a suitable option. AT&T in the US is offering buy one get one free, which could allow you to save up to $330.

The catch is you'll need to set up a new line with the carrier, and you'll want to enable data plans on both of the devices so you can get the second one free. That's a touch complicated, but it may be the top Apple Watch deal for you.

Adele edited badly to cradle a bunch of Dell XPS 13 2-in-1 laptops

(Image credit: Future / Adele / Dell)

Meanwhile, in our Dell live blog you can be treated to fantastic imagery such as the above. Please go Easy on Me if I don't create such great artwork for you to enjoy while you're reading about Apple Watches.

How about an Apple Watch SE? If you're looking for a cheaper alternative to the flagship Watch 7 (or even last year's Apple Watch 6) the Watch SE is a top choice and there are discounts in both the US and UK.

Those in the US can grab the watch from Amazon for $219.99, which is a discount of $60. The deals aren't as strong in the UK, but you can still get £50 off the smartwatch bringing it down to £249 from Currys.

In our review from 2020, we said, "If you know you want a new Apple Watch, the Watch SE is the one to go for: it’s got all the useful features of the Watch 6, but it’s much cheaper, and thus one of the best smartwatches around. 

"The always-on display is sorely missing, but the fitness tracking – including motivating nudges to keep you active – is as good as ever, and will improve when Fitness Plus lands. 

"However, the Watch SE comes with the same issues as the rest of the Apple Watch line: some features and apps are too lightweight, and the battery life is just too short to get the best out of the watch."

A selection of the best Apple Watches

(Image credit: Apple)

Looking for your perfect Apple Watch but don't know where to start? We've got a full guide to the best Apple Watches. Head to our best Apple Watch buying guide, and when you're clear on what you want, be sure to head back here for the very best deals today.

What's the absolute best deal we've seen on Apple's smartwatches this Black Friday, I hear you cry? It has to be the Apple Watch 3. Even though it's the oldest readily available product in the Apple Watch range, we've seen a phemonenally good deal this year.

In the US, for an extraordinarily short amount of time you could pick one up for just $109. That was a deal run by Walmart, but we saw it sell out in a matter of seconds. It's unlikely the retailer had much stock to sell at that price, but some lucky deal hunters were able to pick it up for that low price.

If you want one as soon as posible, you can get it now for $169 at Best Buy or £169 at Amazon. Those are both fantastic prices for a new smartwatch from Apple. However, it's not as low as $109. Sorry about that.

See more

Why not go for the Apple Watch 3, then? You are a little restricted if you opt for the cheapest Apple Watch right now, and it's highly likely it won't receive watchOS 9 when that inevitably gets introduced in 2022.

That is yet to be confirmed, but we were surprised to see watchOS 8 come to the smartwatch so it's likely the next-gen software won't come to this version of Apple's powerular smartwatch. 

It won't mean your smartwatch is obsolete, but it may mean you're missing some features that other Apple Watch owners have. For most, that won't be a problem though especially as you're saving a lot compared to buying a new Apple Watch 7.

Apple Watch SE

The Apple Watch SE (Image credit: Future)

Wanting to buy your new Apple Watch directly from the manufacturer? You won't get an outright discount... that's not Apple's style. 

Instead, you'll get a free voucher when you make a purchase of an Apple Watch SE or Series 3. In the US, you'll get a $50 voucher while those in the UK will get a £40 gift card. Apple doesn't seem to care about exchange rates.

This doesn't apply to the Apple Watch 7, sadly.

After an iPad this Cyber Monday? We have a similar live blog being run by Gareth from TechRadar who is talking you through the best tablet deals you can find right now.

We've seen very few deals this year on Apple Watch accessories. There haven't been many standout Apple Watch band deals, or discounts on products such as chargers.

That's a bit of a disappointment for those who have been looking for big discounts on ways to accessorize their smartwatch or invest in a new way to charge it up. If you are looking for something like this, can I recommend the below buying guides for you?

Not wedded to an Apple smartwatch? You may enjoy my colleague's live blog on Fitbit, Garmin and other smartwatches. Tom Bedford is heading up that article right now, and he'll be talking you through a variety of gadgets from the top brands in fitness as well as Samsung, Fossil and more.

Apple Watch 7