Internet plan packages compared: how to bundle your internet with mobile, TV or energy and save big money

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Shopping around for the best NBN plans certainly has its merits, but at a time where saving as much money as you possibly can – every little bit helps – then you may find combining your NBN plan with a mobile, TV and/or energy plan could save you a good chunk of cash. 

You’ll find a vast majority of NBN providers will offer some form of saving when you add on a mobile SIM plan, but only a select few offer the chance to add on a subscription to a streaming service or an energy plan. Netflix is the most common service that can be added, but Origin Energy offers up the chance to nab a 12 month subscription to Paramount Plus, when you sign up for an electricity plan as well, as an example. If you already have a Netflix subscription, the possibility of gaining access to something new could be tempting. 

Below you’ll find all the various bundling options from some of Australia’s best-known providers. We’ve outlined the savings you could stand to make based on what will likely be the most popular plan options. If the plans mentioned aren’t suitable for you, i.e. you may want a 250Mbps NBN plan as opposed to the 50 and 100Mbps plans chosen, then be sure to click through to the provider to determine the savings you can still make when bundling various services and/or utilities. 

Internet and mobile bundles

Internet plans with a mobile service attached are far more common to come by, and so there would be too many to list out in full here. That’s why we’ve done the research to dig out the top three plans we think are most worth your while, and you can find these below. We’ve also listed the other internet and mobile plans further down, complete with quick links if they look like an attractive option for your needs. 


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  • Often the cheapest NBN provider
  • Limited time offer that saves big money on a mobile and NBN bundle
  • Save AU$32 on mobile plan in first year

Flip is regularly one of Australia's cheapest NBN providers, so the fact it also offers extra savings if you bundle an NBN plan and a mobile SIM plan is pretty extraordinary. The plan we've called out below presents itself as incredible value, with a good-looking SIM-only plan and an NBN plan coming in at under AU$100 all up. 

NBN 100 + 20GB SIM plan | AU$78.90p/m

<a href="" data-link-merchant=""">NBN 100 + 20GB SIM plan | AU$78.90p/m (for 3 months, then AU$83.90p/m for 3 months, then AU$94.80 ongoing) 

You can of course spend even less if you take out a 50Mbps Flip NBN plan, but given there's only a AU$10 different in that plan and a faster 100Mbps plan, it would be the one we recommend the most. Typical evening speeds aren't advertised as being the absolute maximum available, but 97Mbps is still pretty good if you ask us, especially for the low financial investment. 

The 20GB SIM-only plan comes in at AU$9.90 when bundled with an NBN plan for the first 3 months, after which it increases to AU$14.90p/m from month 4. 


We're pretty head over heels for this Flip NBN and mobile bundle, as we think it represents remarkable value. The SIM-only plan part is still great value if you don't take out an NBN plan with Flip, it must be said, as you'll still pay the same AU$9.90 monthly cost for the first three months. From month four, you'll pay an extra AU$5p/m than you would if you do have Flip internet. 

Flip's internet plans, as mentioned, are some of the cheapest in Australia. Flip as an NBN provider was also crowned the Broadband Provider of the Year in 2023 by TechRadar's sister site, Mozo, which is high praise indeed. If you're looking to save on essential services, and don't care for 5G connectivity (Flip doesn't offer it) then this is a great deal. 

Aussie Broadband

  • Save up to AU$25p/m when bundling NBN and mobile
  • Three plans available, with NBN download speeds of either 100Mbps or 250Mbps

Aussie Broadband is one of the highest-rated NBN providers in the country, thanks in no small part to its Australian-based customer support, which customers have rated an average of 4.6 out of 5 on Product Review. The NBN service itself also has a great reputation, with the majority of customers claiming speeds to be adequate, and the service as a whole to be good value for money. 

ABB also uses parts of the Optus mobile network to deliver a mobile service, and when you combine this with an Aussie Broadband NBN plan, you could save up to AU$25p/m on the total cost. There are three bundles to choose from, two of which provide you with two SIM cards and plans with a shared amount of data. And, as far as we can tell, there are no speed caps on any of Aussie Broadband’s SIM plans. Usually mobile virtual network operators (MVNOs) will limit the maximum speed you’re capable of achieving – the big three telcos also instil them sometimes – so for ABB to not apply speed caps, even on its 5G plans, is exemplary. 

NBN 100 + 2 x 4G SIMs with 80GB shared data | AU$150p/m

<a href="" data-link-merchant=""">NBN 100 + 2 x 4G SIMs with 80GB shared data | AU$150p/m (AU$165p/m when purchased separately)

This Aussie Broadband bundle combines a 100Mbps NBN plan (with typical evening speeds of 97Mbps) and two 4G SIM cards on the Optus network, with 80GB of combined data to use per month. This data “pool” as ABB calls it, means the two users with the two SIM cards can draw from the combined total of 80GB, as opposed to being allotted 40GB each; handy if one of the two users is more data-hungry than the other.


Aussie Broadband is highly regarded for the quality of its NBN service and its Australian-based customer support, so it's always a provider we recommend for broadband first and foremost. Its mobile service doesn't get quite the same luxury, but many of its disgruntled customers blame the Optus network. If you've personally had a good experience on the Optus network – it can happen – then you may find no issues at all. 

As far as pricing goes, we think AU$150p/m for a reliable NBN service and two SIM cards with a combined 80GB of shared data is good value, although you can find cheaper alternatives if you shop around and pay for mobile and NBN services separately. 

Aussie Broadband's 100Mbps NBN plan on its own is AU$95p/m, meaning the two SIM cards are costed at roughly AU$27.50 each. You can find more affordable 100Mbps internet in our cheap NBN plans page, although we'd argue the seemingly impeccable service you'd get from ABB works in its favour.

As for the SIM plan, the best alternative we can find comes from TPG, which is currently offering a 45GB mobile SIM plan for AU$15p/m for the first 6 months, before increasing to AU$30 ongoing. That initial 6 month cost is clearly cheaper than Aussie Broadband, but the ongoing makes it more expensive. Aussie Broadband's AU$150p/m deal has no introductory period, it is the regular monthly cost you'll pay for the duration of your service. 


  • Save AU$20p/m for first 5 months of NBN service
  • Save AU$10 every ongoing month you remain connected
  • Data speeds capped up to 250Mbps

Mate uses parts of the Telstra network for its mobile service, although download speeds on 4G and 5G are capped at 100Mbps on all plans, save for its most expensive Soul Mates plan, which caps speeds at 250Mbps. If you choose to bundle a mobile service and an NBN plan with Mate however, you'll save AU$10 off the total cost every month you remain connected to both, no introductory periods. 

Mate is also currently running a promotion that nets you a AU$20 saving on its NBN plans (except for its 50Mbps plan) each month for the first 5 months of your service when you enter the code SAVE20 at checkout. That's AU$30 saved each month when you bundle. 

NBN 100 + 'Better Mates' 25GB SIM plan | AU$75p/m

<a href="" data-link-merchant=""">NBN 100 + 'Better Mates' 25GB SIM plan | AU$75p/m (for 5 months, then AU$95p/m ongoing)

When you enter code SAVE20 at the checkout, you'll unlock AU$20p/m savings for the first 5 months of your NBN service. When you add on the AU$30 Better Mates mobile SIM plan, you'll also unlock an additional AU$10p/m saving. This AU$10 saving is applied to your monthly bill for every month you remain connected. Download speeds for the mobile service are capped at 100Mbps, and you also have the added benefit of up to 500GB of data banking and unlimited international calls to 15 selected countries. 


We like this internet and mobile bundle deal from Mate. The AU$150 first year savings are great, and the ongoing AU$120 yearly savings – as long as you remain connected to both internet and mobile – are equally impressive. Mate also gets generally good reviews online, for both its NBN and mobile services, although as ever we would encourage you to check them out before committing to a new plan. 

More NBN providers with mobile bundle discounts

Internet and energy bundles

The list of providers that offer broadband and electricity or gas in one bundle is relatively short, at just four strong: Origin; AGL; Sumo and Dodo. Below you can see what services are offered and how much you could save. 

Origin Energy

  • AU$35 discount each month for 12 months – AU$25 towards internet bill + AU$10 bundle discount
  • AU$420 saved in the first 12 months
  • 5,000 Everyday Rewards points
  • 12 months Paramount Plus (for new customers to the streaming service)

Origin Energy is one of Australia’s largest providers of utility services and is also a provider of NBN plans, with all speed tiers catered to from 25Mbps through to the fastest gigabit plans. There’s no denying that Origin’s NBN plans alone are on the more expensive side, but when bundled with the Origin Essentials Variable plan electricity plan, it offers considerable discounts. Origin also throws in a 12 month subscription to Paramount Plus (as long as you haven't signed up to the streaming service before), and it has partnered with Woolworths to offer Everyday Rewards members a large sum of points for new sign-ups. 

Origin Essentials Bundle | Electricy + NBN plan with AU$35p/m discount

<a href="" data-link-merchant=""">Origin Essentials Bundle | Electricy + NBN plan with AU$35p/m discount (for 12 months, then AU$10p/m discount ongoing)

Origin Energy appears to have a couple of bundle options on its site, but it's the Essentials Bundle we're most interested in. This bundle sees you gaining an electricity plan (including two emergency home assistance callouts valued up to AU$300 each to use over 12 months) and any of the supplier's internet plans, and getting a AU$35p/m discount for the first 12 months. 

This discount is made up of a AU$25 credit applied to your internet bill, plus a more general AU$10p/m discount (also against the internet bill) for bundling your services. This AU$10p/m continues as long as you remain connected to both. 

This plan also gets you the aforemetioned 12 months of Paramount Plus and 5000 Everyday Rewards points. 


The deal mentioned above is for new Origin Internet customers only. To us, this means that if you're already an Origin Energy customer, but not an Internet customer, then you will be able to change your current plan and sign up for the Essentials Bundle if you wish to take advantage of the discounts. 

It's not just reserved for NBN customers either, as Origin also supplies internet via Opticomm, and customers with this infrastructure can also take advantage. 

Origin Internet's advertised typical evening speeds are good, too, being some of the fastest in the country. It quotes maximum speeds on NBN 25, 50 and 100 plans, and 243Mbps and 600Mbps on the NBN 250 and NBN 1000 speed tiers. However, it must be said Origin's internet pricing is on the more expensive side. 

But, taking the 50Mbps NBN plan as an example, bundling with an Origin electricity plan brings the monthly cost down to AU$54p/m instead of the regular price of AU$89.

While we would suggest that if you're looking to change energy suppliers, you may be better off shopping around to find the absolute cheapest supplier for your household, if you're already with Origin Energy and like the rates you pay, bundling on an internet plan could prove to be financially beneficial. 


  • AU$35 monthly discount with BYO model and AGL energy plan
  • Netflix plans available with electricity service

AGL offers a similar discount to Origin, although only for the first 6 months of your NBN service. However, the savings are good and the advertised typical evening speeds are among some of the fastest in the country. Whether you’re already an AGL customer or you want to switch your energy to the Aussie provider, you can save AU$35p/m for six months when you add on an NBN plan. Following the six month period, you will continue to receive a AU$15 monthly discount. 

For example, a 100Mbps AGL NBN plan would normally cost AU$104 if you don't have AGL energy. If you do, however, the cost of this NBN plan comes down to AU$69p/m for 6 months. 

AGL NBN 100 + AGL energy plan | AU$69p/m

<a href="" data-link-merchant=""">AGL NBN 100 + AGL energy plan | AU$69p/m (for 6 months, then AU$89p/m) 

AGL energy will reward its energy customers with an introductory discount of AU$35p/m for the first 6 months of their NBN plan, and an ongoing AU$15p/m discount, as long as they remain connected to AGL energy. 

Do note, that these prices are indicative of you bringing your own modem. AGL does offer Eero modems that can be paid for upfront, or in instalments over 12 or 24 months. AGL is also currently offering 50% off two and three packs of the Eero modem, so you can effectively get 2 for the price of 1 and create a powerful mesh network at home. 

You can also add on a 4G mobile SIM plan and receive AU$15 monthly discount on this for the first three months. Going down this route would net you a 15GB monthly SIM plan for AU$15p/m for three months and AU$25p/m ongoing if you’re an AGL energy customer. Non-AGL customers would need to pay AU$30p/m for the same plan.

AGL also offers what it calls the AGL Netflix Plan which includes, you guessed it, a Netflix subscription. Do note however, that the included plan is Netflix’s Standard with ads tier. You are able to choose either a Standard or Premium plan if you wish, and these will add on AU$10 or AU$16 to your monthly plan. 


A AU$35 monthly discount is pretty exceptional if you ask us, even if it is only for the first 6 months of your service. The ongoing AU$15 monthly discount is also very welcome, although when this is applied and it makes AGL's 100Mbps NBN plan AU$89p/m, it puts it within touching distance of the AU$91 monthly average. 

What we feel works in AGL's favour here is the fact is advertises the maximum typical evening speeds. It does so on 50Mbps and 250Mbps plans as well. And when it comes to Australia's fastest internet, NBN 1000, AGL advertises 650Mbps speeds. Only Superloop and Telstra are faster, making AGL one of the fastest providers in the country... on paper at least. 

We have read some less than favourable reviews of AGL's NBN service online, so we would implore you to carry out your own research before committing. And, due to the higher cost of AGL's plans for non-AGL energy customers, we would only recommend those who already are customers check them out. 


  • AU$5p/m discount for each fuel when bundled with NBN
  • Save up to AU$120 each year
  • NBN download speeds from 15Mbps to 245Mbps

Dodo is another well-known provider of both energy and NBN plans in Australia. The discounts available for customers who bundle energy and internet together aren’t as attractive as those from AGL or Origin, with a maximum of a AU$10p/m discount available if you take out both a gas and an electricity plan – otherwise it’s just a AU$5p/m discount if you have just one fuel. 

However, working in Dodo’s favour is the low cost already in place for its NBN plans. For example, a 50Mbps Dodo NBN plan has a starting cost of AU$65p/m, whereas the same plan with AGL will set you back AU$84p/m if you don’t have an AGL energy plan. 

NBN 50 + Electricity | AU$54p/m + electricity cost

<a href="" data-link-merchant=""">NBN 50 + Electricity | AU$54p/m + electricity cost (regular cost AU$59p/m + electricity cost)

This 50Mbps Dodo NBN plan is currently on the receiving end of an exclusive WhistleOut discount that knocks AU$21 off each month. If you also take out an electricity plan with Dodo, you'll save an additional AU$5p/m. Add on a gas plan too, and you'll save another AU$5p/m. These AU$5p/m savings are applied for every month you remain connected to Dodo NBN and energy. 


A AU$5 monthly saving for each fuel service you sign-up for with Dodo isn't huge, especially in comparison to the other energy providers listed here which offer more substantial discounts. We've also found some less than favourable reviews for Dodo energy (although there are some five star reviews to be found). 

Dodo's NBN service does fare better with real-world customers, although not by much. Ultimately, it is a low-cost provider, and because customer support isn't based on Australia, you should have a good idea as to what kind of service you can expect.

But, if spending little money in return for broadband and energy, then Dodo would ultimately be worth investigating. 

Internet and TV bundles

Another bundle option for Australians is to combine an NBN service with a feature-packed TV service, with the main provider in this space being Foxtel. Foxtel is home to the vast majority of popular TV channels in Australia, including sport and movies, and as such you can sign up for NBN bundles with various channel packages. 


  • Save up to AU$492 over the first 12 months
  • Greater savings applied to more feature-packed (and expensive) bundles
  • 'Only' 50Mbps NBN with each bundle

Another bundle option for Australians is to combine an NBN service with a feature-packed TV service, with the main provider in this space being Foxtel. Foxtel is home to the vast majority of popular TV channels in Australia, including sport and movies, and as such you can sign up for NBN bundles with various channel packages. 

The most affordable package combines a 50Mbps Foxtel broadband plan with the Foxtel Plus suite of channels, which includes a range of news, documentary and channels for kids. With Foxtel’s current promotional pricing, this package is AU$145p/m for the first 12 months, after which it increases to a regular monthly cost of AU$155. 

Foxtel NBN 50 + TV bundle | from AU$145p/m

<a href="" data-link-merchant=""">Foxtel NBN 50 + TV bundle | from AU$145p/m (for 12 months, then from AU$155p/m

Foxtel is Australia's premier pay TV provider and provides plenty of flexibility when it comes to deciding which TV channels are most important to you and that you want included in your monthly package. Do note though, these packages can stretch beyond AU$200p/m, so you may find paying for individual services could be a more cost-effective method. 

Foxtel’s sports channels are likely going to be a bigger draw for customers, and a Foxtel broadband and sports package – along with Foxtel Plus – will set you back AU$154p/m for 12 months, before increasing to AU$185p/m. 

The greatest savings can be found on both the Platinum Plus + Broadband + Netflix bundle and the Sport + Movies + Broadband bundle. You'll save AU$41p/m for 12 months on either of these, a total of AU$492. The former bundle also includes a standard Netflix plan, valued at AU$16.99, and some customers may prefer having just one bill for all services. 

While the sports package does include 4K channels, you may find it to be more worthwhile signing up for an NBN plan with another provider, and subscribing to Kayo Sports – which recently announced it would be introducing 4K content – separately. 


If you're already a Foxtel loyalist, then it will likely make sense to remain connected to what you know and love. However, the bundles mentioned here are only available for new customers only, so if they come across as seemingly better value than your at-home setup, then it could be time to ditch the service in favour of free-to-air TV and some of the best streaming services to get your movie and TV show fix. 

If you're a sports fan, for example, you'll find the same sports channels on Kayo as you will on Foxtel. A Kayo Basic plan with 4K content costs AU$35p/m (or AU$25 without 4K). Add one of the best NBN 100 plans onto that, take this 100Mbps Flip NBN plan for example, and you'll be paying AU$114.90p/m, that's AU$40 less than Foxtel and you're getting a faster NBN plan. 

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