Maximize your Mac's potential with CleanMyMac X - up to 10% discount

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We've partnered with MacPaw to bring you an exciting deal on CleanMyMac X. Simply enter the code FUTUREPLC10OFF at checkout to get 10% off when buying a one-year subscription. This MacPaw Coupon code is perfect for those looking to enhance their Mac's performance, reclaim valuable storage space, and protect against potential threats.

With CleanMyMac X you can remove unnecessary files, old caches, logs, and large hidden files. This will also help boost your Mac's performance and speed by managing startup items and running maintenance scripts. The regular scans and updates will keep your Mac safe from malware and privacy threats.

Get 10% off on CleanMyMac X

Get 10% off on CleanMyMac X

Use code FUTUREPLC10OFF when checking out on the MacPaw store. This code applies to the one-year subscription plan, perfect for maintaining the performance of your Mac or MacBook. Ideal for anyone looking to optimize and protect their device with a comprehensive cleaning solution. You can choose a plan for up to 5 Macs.

How does CleanMyMac X work?

CleanMyMac X is a powerful software designed to keep your Mac in optimal condition. It combines multiple cleaning utilities into one comprehensive package. It operates by scanning your entire Mac system to identify unnecessary files, performance bottlenecks, and potential security threats. It utilizes advanced algorithms to detect and safely remove junk files, including system cache, user cache, log files, broken downloads, and outdated updates. 

The software's optimization tools help enhance your Mac's speed by managing startup items and running maintenance scripts. Additionally, CleanMyMac X offers robust malware protection, scanning for and eliminating malicious software. Its intuitive interface makes it easy to navigate, allowing users to perform deep cleans, optimize performance, and ensure security with just a few clicks. 

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