Exclusive: speed up your Mac or MacBook with to 74% off CleanMyMac X

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Make your Mac or MacBook as good as news thanks to this exclusive voucher for TechRadar readers that knocks up to 74% off the powerful CleanMyMac X software.

Simply enter NOVEMBERDEAL at the checkout of MacPaw's online store when buying either a one-year subscription, or one-time lifetime purchase to get this huge discount.

CleanMyMac X is a powerful all-in-one tool that can boost the performance of your Mac - as well as protect it. With a single click you can clean out unwanted files, useless downloads and general clutter that could be hogging your Mac's hard drive.

With the one-button Smart Scan, CleanMyMac X will scan your Mac or MacBook, clear out junk, look for viruses and even give you tips on how to speed up your device. You don't have to worry about it deleting any important files, as it will always ask permission before deleting things, and the latest version is 17 times faster than the previous one, scanning and speeding up your Mac in only a few seconds.

Exclusive CleanMyMac X offers

CleanMyMac X: 

CleanMyMac X: save up to 74% with MacPaw
 to get an exclusive price cut of up to 74% on CleanMyMac X software. This code can be applied to both one-year subscriptions and lifetime licenses, and you can choose a plan for one, two or up to five different Macs or MacBooks - ideal if you've got several devices.

Get a faster, more secure, Mac

Not only does CleanMyMac X free up valuable storage space on your Mac, it can spring into action when your device starts to struggle, offering you tools for freeing up your RAM, ditching unused processes and closing any misbehaving apps to help speed it up.

Get apps that are 2.5 times more responsive, and have your Mac boot up up to 4 times faster thanks to CleanMyMac X.

With built-in anti-malware technology, called Moonlock Engine, CleanMyMac X will also keep your device safe from any internet nasties, including malware, adware and ransomwares that target the macOS operating system. With regularly updated protection from even the latest threats, you can use your Mac or MacBook online with complete confidence that you're protected.

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