How to watch Nvidia's Computex 2024 keynote

Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang giving a speech
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Nvidia's CEO Jensen Huang is donning his trademark leather jacket once again and is getting ready to deliver Team Green's pre-Computex keynote address, and you can bet it will be all about the AI PC wave that's been crashing over the entire industry this year.

Considering that Nvidia's been at the forefront of the AI revolution in the past few years, it makes sense that Nvidia couldn't let a Computex event that is expected to be very heavy on AI pass without getting the first word in ahead of the event.

Nvidia's keynote will take place ahead of the conference's official opening keynote from rival AMD's Dr. Lisa Su on Monday, so this isn't technically a Computex keynote address, but that's not going to stop us from watching the event live as it happens and bringing you all the latest news that breaks Sunday night, so stay tuned for more news as it gets revealed. 

When is the Nvidia Computex 2024 keynote?

The Nvidia Computex keynote starts at 7PM Taipei time on Sunday, June 2, which is 7AM EDT June 2nd and 12PM BST, June 2nd.

This is going to be a lot more forgiving for those viewing it in the US and UK, unlike the other official keynotes starting on Monday, which will all happen in the morning Taipei time, so will start very late in the evening in the US and very early in the morning in the UK.

How to watch the Nvidia Computex 2024 keynote

You'll be able to watch the Nvidia Computex 2024 keynote on Nvidia's website, as well as on the Nvidia YouTube page. We've also embedded the live stream below to make it easier to follow along with the keynote as it happens.

We'll also be running a live blog of the event starting about 15 minutes before the keynote kicks off, so make sure you check back with TechRadar to catch all the latest news and analysis as it happens.

Nvidia Computex 2024 keynote: what to expect

In a word? AI. There's going to be a lot of talk about AI, which isn't hard to imagine. Last year's Nvidia Computex keynote was nothing but AI talk, and that was before the entire industry decided that 2024 was going to be the year of the AI PC.

Well, no one does AI better than Nvidia at the moment, and you can bet Nvidia is going to lean very hard into the AI dominance of RTX and the company's data center AI chips during this keynote.

What you shouldn't expect is anything about the Nvidia 5000-series graphics cards like the Nvidia RTX 5090 or Nvidia RTX 5080. Those announcements are a ways off by all accounts, so if you're hoping for graphics card news, you're likely to be pretty disappointed — unless you want to know how to use your graphics card for AI. Did I mention that Nvidia is really leaning into this whole AI thing?

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