AMD’s Fluid Motion Frames could give your games a free boost very soon

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AMD’s Fluid Motion Frames technology is launching later this month (around January 24, to be precise), offering a new, more accessible way to boost your framerates and get the most out of your video game experience.

Fluid Motion Frames is a driver-level frame generation technology that promises to work across game titles off the jump, without the need for developer-level integration. Basically, Nvidia’s competing DLSS 3 frame-gen tool involves developer implementation, which means functionality comes only when a game’s developers choose to implement it. If DLSS3 isn’t supported on your desired game title yet, you’re going to have to wait until it is in order to enjoy the full effects of Nvidia’s frame-gen technology. 

AMD’s Fluid Motion Frames is reportedly being included as part of a HYPR-RX performance boosting mode, according to Last week AMD’s Aaron Steinman shared in an interview with PCGamer’s Jacob Ridley, where Ridley shared that he sees Team Red and Team Green engaged in a cat-and-mouse game, that Nvidia might have to do some catching up now

Red + Green = better for you and me? 

Normally we expect to see Nvidia drop a new product or feature like this with AMD trailing behind. With Team Red releasing it’s own version of frame-gen, although Steinman challenges that idea of Nvidia leading, as the AMD spokesperson followed by saying “I would be curious to know if Nvidia feels now they have to match what we’ve done in making some of these solutions driver-based.” 

AMD’s Steinman adds “DLSS is only available on certain solutions, so either Nvidia is going to have to benefit from our solution because we did make it open-source and cross-vendor, or they're probably going to need to do something similar”.

So, now that we have a solid date to look forward to, we’ll have to sit back and see how Team Green responds - and whether it will take AMD up on the offer to use its product, or come up with something similar of its own in the near future.

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