The brilliant Canon EOS R5 for under $3,000 is my pick of the Cyber Monday camera deals

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It's over three years old, but the Canon EOS R5 remains the company's best-ever stills camera, and it's even better today that when it launched, having received several firmware updates to improve its functionality.

Our main criticism of the mirrorless marvel with 45MP full-frame sensor and 8K video recording was that it's pricey (as is its storage card format) – but that's no longer the case thanks to this Cyber Monday deal which knocks a massive $1,350 off the price. 

The list price of the EOS R5 body-only is $3,899, but it's now under $3,000 at B&H Photo for the first time – and as a juicy Cyber Monday camera deal bonus, B&H Photo is throwing in a 2TB SanDisk portable SSD V2 worth $450 for free (although that SSD has a massive price drop of its own, down from $450 to $100 at B&H Photo, in case you're interested).

Most of the Cyber Monday camera deals are pretty similar to what we saw on, and in the build-up to, Black Friday, including the Canon EOS R5 dipping below $3,000 a few days ago. But now, with a portable SSD included at B&H Photo, this deal is my pick of the Cyber Monday bargains.

Today's best Cyber Monday deal for the Canon EOS R5: $2,999 with 2TB SanDisk portable SSD

Canon EOS R5 (body with portable storage kit): $3,899 $2,999 at B&H Photo
SAVE $1,350:

Canon EOS R5 (body with portable storage kit): was $3,899 now $2,999 at B&H Photo
SAVE $1,350:
Canon's best-ever camera for photography has received its biggest-ever price drop. The full-frame EOS R5 boasts 45MP still pictures, superb autofocus, and one of the best in-body image stabilization systems, and it's an all-round pleasure to shoot with. It's also a brilliant camera for video, being one of the first hybrid cameras to unleash 8K video, while you can shoot 4K video at frame rates up 120p. It was this price on Black Friday, but for Cyber Monday B&H Photo has thrown in a 2TB SanDisk portable SSD worth $450, making this my deal of the day. 

Price check: $2,999 body-only at Amazon

The Canon EOS R5 goes up against the Sony A7R V and Nikon Z8. All of these esteemed professional cameras are true all-rounder mirrorless cameras, with high-resolution photos and decent video recording capabilities. And despite being a couple of years older than its rivals, the EOS R5 still holds its own against them, which just goes to show how ahead of the game it was back in 2020. 

Its compact form factor, excellent build quality, 5.76m-dot EVF, wide choice of lenses, industry-leading image stabilization, plus Canon's superb autofocus combine to great effect. If you're only going to have one professional camera that covers anything from portrait and landscape photography to run-and-gun video recording, you can't go wrong here.

With this Cyber Monday deal, the EOS R5 also costs less than its competition. It's not often you can pick up a Canon as the budget-friendly option, but today you can.

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