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Best iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max cases: protect your new Apple device

iPhone 11 Pro
(Image credit: Spigen / Otterbox)

If you've been enjoying your iPhone 11 Pro, you likely paid a pretty penny for it. While it's largely similar to last year's Apple phones, there's a conspicuous new camera bump housing three large lenses, which is marvelously part of one uninterrupted sheet of glass making up the rear cover. 

With a design that leverages so much glass, the last thing you'd want is for your phone to suffer a nasty fall that splinters the precision-smooth surface into a spiderweb of cracks and shards. That's where a case could - and really should - come in. The best iPhone 11 Pro case will protect your phone first and foremost, but great cases can go even further by adding extra functions, complementing the style, or even enhancing the look of your phone. 

We've sifted through the available options for the iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max to find the cases we believe will be the best options. Have a look at our picks to find the iPhone 11 Pro case that's right for you.

These are products that we haven't had in our test labs, but based on our experts' opinion and knowledge of the most reputable brands around, we think these are worth looking at.

Our selections, ranked with newer additions at the top, take into account online reviews, brand reputation, product capability, or unique features, to help you pick through the maze of choices available to you.

(Image credit: OtterBox)

1. iPhone 11 Pro Strada Series case

Flashy and functional

360-degree protection
Card holders
Suede doesn't play well with pockets

OtterBox's Strada Series iPhone 11 Pro case is a stylish option for protecting your new phone. It wraps it in a hard, polycarbonate shell, and then adds a leather layer to that. The leather extends to the folio cover, which is held in place using a magnetic clasp. All of that gives your phone protection on all sides. And, you get room in the cover to hold two credit cards. See it from Otterbox.

(Image credit: Apple)

2. iPhone 11 Pro Leather Case

Smooth and colorful

Made by Apple
Various color options

One downside of the iPhone 11 Pro is the limited color options. The standard iPhone 11 has more colors, and more fun ones to top it off. But, Apple's Leather Case brings a few more options to the table for the iPhone 11 Pro. It even comes in Product Red. 

On top of the color options, the case naturally offers an exact fit for protection drop and scratch protection. It also has aluminum buttons to keep the quality feel of the phones own buttons. See it from Apple.

(Image credit: Speck)

3. Presidio Stay Clear for iPhone 11 Pro

Show off your phone

Clear design
Enhanced drop protection
Less protection

Speck has a clear case designed to let you show off your iPhone 11 Pro and whichever color you chose. The case uses a special coating to ensure that it stays clear as long as you own your iPhone, even resisting UV radiation and oils. It combines a hard and soft layer for protection from a variety of perils, and Specks has successfully tested it against 13-foot drops. See it from Speck.

(Image credit: OtterBox)

4. iPhone 11 Pro Max Symmetry Series Clear case

Stay clear or shimmer

Low profile
Sparkly option
Less protection

OtterBox's Symmetry Series case may look simple, but it has protection to offer as well as a way to jazz up your iPhone 11 Pro. There's a clear option, but there's also a Stardust version that adds a glitter layer into the back to complement the color of your iPhone. The case itself combines a soft rubber layer for shock absorption with a hard polycarbonate for structure and extra defense. The raised edges of the case also can help protect your screen and back glass if the phone falls onto a flat surface. See it from OtterBox.

(Image credit: Spigen)

5. Spigen Ultra Hybrid for iPhone 11 Pro Max

Affordable protection

Low price
Clear back
Lower quality

Spigen has a highly affordable iPhone 11 Pro case in the Ultra Hybrid. It features a hard, polycarbonate back that'll let you show off the original color of your iPhone 11 Pro, and it uses a TPU bumper to protect your phone from drops. The edges of the case are raised enough to keep your screen and camera bump from hitting the ground when they fall flat. And, the edges on the back will allow you to lay your phone flat, instead of having it wobble. See it on Amazon.

(Image credit: Greenwich)

6. Greenwich Blake leather case for iPhone 11 Pro Max

Pro meets luxury

Premium leather design
Folio with card holders

If you want a case that's as premium as your new iPhone 11 Pro, then you can go for the Blake folio case from Greenwich. It's made using German leather, and combines other premium materials like Alcantara and carbon fiber into a luxury case. The front cover has a built in card holder, and a magnetic feature lets the cover snap open. The case also works with Greenwich's magnetic car mount. See it from Greenwich.

(Image credit: Razer)

7. Razer Arctech Slim for iPhone 11 Pro

A case for gamers

Heat dissipating design
Razer colors
Plastic feels a little brittle

Razer has designed an iPhone 11 Pro case for Razer fans and mobile gamers. It comes in Razer's signature colors, and is designed to keep your iPhone cool. Since the iPhone 11 Pro features a powerful CPU and GPU combo and supports fast charging, it has plenty of opportunities to heat up. The Razer Arctech Slim case is designed with a special layer to absorb the phones heat, and it uses perforation in the case to allow airflow to cool it all off. See it on Amazon.

(Image credit: Spigen)

8. Spigen Tough Armor for iPhone 11

Affordably tough

Multi-layer defense
Built-in kickstand
Logo hole is a bit much

Spigen's Tough Armor case is an affordable option for the iPhone 11 Pro, but it still offers a combination of hard polycarbonate and soft TPU to protect against all sorts of accidents. It can protect the edges and back from drops, while the raised edges will keep your screen from hitting the ground. It's thin enough to allow wireless charging, and it has a cutout on the back to show off the Apple logo. A kickstand on the rear also makes it easier to watch videos. See it at Amazon.

(Image credit: OtterBox)

9. iPhone 11 Pro Max Defender Series case

No jokes, just defense

Beefy protection
Included holster
Thick, bad for pockets

If you want to go all in on protection and not worry about style, then OtterBox's Defender Series is where you should look. There are a few muted color options, but defending your phone is the main priority. It manages this with a soft rubber slipcover that goes around your phone, and then that is nestled into a hard polycarbonate shell that covers the back and sides of the phone. A holster can clip onto the front to protect all sides of the iPhone 11 Pro. It's even built with a microbial defense to keep your phone free from germs. See it from OtterBox.

(Image credit: Ted Baker)

10. Ted Baker Book case fro iPhone 11 Pro

Full fashion

Stylish design
Handy mirror built in

If you want a case that'll look classy and help you keep looking classy as well, then Ted Baker's Book case is for you. It has a gold eletroplated hard shell that's covered in a faux leather. The folio cover will help keep your screen safe, giving the case 360-degree protection of your phone. And, with a mirror built into the front cover, you can easily and discreetly make sure your teeth are clean, your eyeliner is in order, or your mustache is smooth. See it at Proporta.