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One of Amazon's secrets to super-fast deliveries is remarkably low-tech


Amazon has gone to great lengths (read: drones) to deliver your ordered goods as fast as possible, even going as far as promising same-day delivery with Prime Now. But sometimes, there’s just no getting around traffic. So, what kind of magic trick does the company pull at this point? Hopping on public transportation, of course.

The Financial Times reported that in New York City, Amazon has begun resorting to the subway in order to squeak by the most dreaded traffic zones. If you’re a daily commuter, you could soon be sharing a ride along with carts full of Amazon packages that are small enough on subway cars.

While I wouldn’t necessarily consider the NYC subways to be the speediest option available, it’s usually the most time-efficient. Choosing this rather utilitarian method of travel is an interesting move by the e-commerce company to help keep your packages moving along. I just wish they had thought outside the box a bit for this one. The subway tunnels seem ripe for its drones to buzz around in.

Via Engadget