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Amazon is giving you your first Dash Button for free

Amazon Dash Button

Amazon really wants you to start using its Dash Buttons, the company's small, wirelessly connected button that allows you to order a specific product from Amazon with a single button press.

A new promotion is giving US Prime subscribers their first button for free - or more specifically, Amazon will credit back the cost of a Dash Button ($4.99) after a Prime member purchases a button.

Of course, every other button you purchase will still cost $4.99 each and it is still currently only available to Amazon Prime subscribers.

Amazon has also added another 11 Dash Button brands, including Orbit Gum, Hefty trash and storage bags, Ziploc and Dixie tableware products.

This brings the total number of Dash Button brands up to 29, and according to Amazon, you could connect your button, which can only order one product, to more than 500 products.

It'll be interesting to see if this promotion will bring more Dash Buttons into homes across the US, but it looks like Amazon's tech is getting support from more brands at least.

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